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146Re: Question on making increases "in pattern" on sleeves

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  • Katie
    Jan 27, 2007
      Thanks Marianne, I really appreciate your help. I knew how to make
      an increase, but just wasn't sure how to do it "in pattern" since
      the directions do not come with a charted design showing which
      colors to use in the increases. But I think I found a few tricks
      that might work that I'll post here in case it might be helpful to
      anyone else trying to learn this:

      Here is a link to a tutorial at Knitting Help:

      http://www.knitting help.com/ knitting/ forum/viewtopic. php?

      In case the link is broken, here is the text:

      When you are at the beginning of the round, work the increase in the
      color that comes before the first one that is on your needles. At
      the end of the round, work the increase in whatever color would come
      next in the pattern.

      So it would go something like this:

      (Increase stitches are in parenthesis)

      (4) (3) (2) (1) 10 9 8 7 6 5 4 3 2 1 (10) (9) (8) (7)

      Here is a link to another tutorial on the web that I found which
      explains how to keep track of which stitches come next in pattern
      for the increase stitches using a magnetic strip, placed
      horizontally for the rows, and another one placed vertically, to
      keep track of where you are at in the chart expanding outwards as
      you increase:

      http://wendyknits. net/archives/ 000159.html

      --- In nordicknitters@yahoogroups.com, Marianne Kuokkanen
      <mariannekfi@...> wrote:
      > Hi Katie,
      > just make one with the backward loop method in the color you need
      > the pattern.
      > You can also knit one into the loop below the next st / previous
      > (depending on how the increase should lean) with the color stated.
      > best,
      > Marianne in Finland
      > http://ekebodesign.eu/blog/
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