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1154Re: NOW what should I do?

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  • Wendy Sundquist
    Sep 18, 2012

      I have been where you are more than a few times. One time I just needed the 'guilt' to go away so I sold the partially finished sweater (w/needles, rest of yarn and pattern) at a garage sale. At that time it was acrylic yarn so it wasn't so precious…but I did have lots of time into it.

      Since you know you will never finish it 'as is' here are my ideas. Convert it into a pillow, a hat, a small purse, or a knitted animal. I have a sheep puppet that has an Estonian knitting pattern for the hand and then has a plain colored knitted head and face that came from a pattern out of Spin Off a few years ago. I've also seen old Swedish sweaters that had knitted sleeves sewn onto a vadmal type material that comprised the body of the garment.

      Since the yarn has been 'locked' into place for so long, it would probably have the same effect as a steek, so you might be able to make some well placed cuts and sew up what you want. I wouldn't felt it, since you might loose your lovely leaf pattern. But you might want to wash and full it, which would also help to lock the yarns in place and then do your cutting.

      Have fun!

      Wendy Sundquist
      PO Box 967
      Langley, WA 98260
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