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RE: Butte Meadows, report of several fires

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  • Larish, Michael
    [MODERATOR s NOTE: Please be sure your subject line is relevant to your message, and trim off extraneous material you re replying to. Thanks] Now three fires
    Message 1 of 134 , May 1, 2013
      [MODERATOR's NOTE: Please be sure your subject line is relevant to your message, and trim off extraneous material you're replying to. Thanks]

      Now three fires in the area...

      Cedar Fire (restart from a week ago or so)
      Panther Fire (300 acres or so near Windy Cut)
      And a brand new start at Hwy 32 just south of Lomo (turnoff to Butte Meadows)

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      Calfire is sending units to butte Meadows. When requesting my truck, operator said they had multiple calls.
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      How and what to post on NorCalFire. The following rules address the most common complaints moderators run into on the list. Following these rules will help
      Message 134 of 134 , Aug 31
        How and what to post on NorCalFire.

        The following rules address the most common complaints moderators run into on the list. Following these rules will help keep the sanity on a busy list of 700+ readers. Thank you!

        1. Northern California Fire Radio

        Any and all questions regarding how to monitor fire radio are welcome on NorCalFire. This may include how certain agencies work, their frequencies, methods of operation, and any other info to better our listening hobby. This list is also used for incident information for fires in Northern California. If it's off topic, you're moderated for good. Moderators have lives too and we hate to babysit.

        2. Common Sense:

        We know it's a fire. We know it's a new fire. So don't post New Fire or New Start in the subject line. By the 2nd message about the fire, it isn't new anymore. We'll see a new fire started by seeing a post with a proper subject line. This is a pet peeve of mine, and many others. Expect it enforced.

        3. Subject Lines:

        Get at least the following: County or Jurisdiction, general location, incident name. Example subject lines that typically please everyone include:
        Butte - Honey Run Canyon
        SHF Bolli Incident
        Timber Fire, Lassen USFS Turner Mtn
        Calavaras - Alpine Lake fire?

        And if someone forgets to make a location easily known, use Google before complaining back to the list please.

        4. No one-liners, or one-acres, or thank-yous, or you're-welcomes.

        This goes for the "play-by-play" posters. Please combine the information that you've gathered into a larger post. If you're posting sooner than every 15 minutes about a fire, you're posting too much. Wait for a size-up of the fire or other significant situational update (such as freq announcements etc.) before posting.

        No Strike Team deployments - it's more noise than valuable info to us.

        Don't send "thank you's" (or if one gets through, don't send "you're welcomes" back) to the list. If a large fire got covered nicely on the list, and it is quiet on the list, and you were directly affected by the posts regarding that fire, you may thank the list or the particular people. If this is abused, you will be asked to stop. This just adds to an already busy list.

        5. Replying

        If checking your email after a busy day on the list, please read all new messages before replying. You might be replying to a question that got answered ten times already. Also try to use one message to reply to all items for any particular topic.

        6. Acronyms

        Learn them. Do not complain about them. Too many people on the list use these acronyms in their daily lives. They do not need to stop when posting to this list. It is expected of you to learn these acronyms if you want to enjoy fire radio of any degree. Acronyms are readily available on the Internet. There is a link to acronyms etc. at the bottom of every post. Use it.

        7. Sphere of Influence

        If it isn't of direct importance to you or your family, don't ask back about details to a fire 200 miles away from you. Chances are the original poster posted all the info they had and will post again when new info is had. Don't ask about updates, or size etc. If it's significant, it will be updated as needed. Do not live vicariously through the list.

        8. No Burn-overs, firefighter injuries, etc.
        Lots of firefighter families follow their loved ones intently through this list and others. Let the proper notification process take place for any injuries etc. WE ARE NOT the proper notification process. The media IS NOT the proper notification process. The media sit and poach on this list also for their headline news. If you hear of something over your scanner, listen intently and pray. Do not share until the proper notification process has been followed. The proper notification process for us, the public, is a public information release by an official agency. Nothing.Else.But

        9. Moderation
        All new members are on moderation until shown they are real live breathing human beings interested in Northern California Fire Radio, and not selling us a magic pill or lottery winnings from Nigeria.

        10. Have fun, enjoy the hobby, stay safe!
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