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Re: Del Norte County Fire frequencies question

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  • Harry Marnell
    Here in Humboldt it s done pretty similarly to what you re saying, Jake. Any combined CalFire + Locals incident will be dispatched on both the HUU 151.25R and
    Message 1 of 7 , May 20, 2011
      Here in Humboldt it's done pretty similarly to what you're saying, Jake.
      Any combined CalFire + Locals incident will be dispatched on both the
      HUU 151.25R and the 154.07R "County Net," with both the tactical
      (simplex) frequency and the command freq generally assigned at the time
      of dispatch. Unless things are really hopping, "Command" will be one of
      the two dispatch freqs (depending on who the incident belongs to), but
      it tends to be only traffic between the IC and Fortuna Dispatch

      Most responding units will acknowledge on whichever (repeated) freq
      they're dispatched, but from then on MOST of the comms is on the simplex
      tactical freq.

      In Humboldt County the 154.07 is the only repeated county fire freq,
      with multi sites, but even still it has a lot of dead spots. Perhaps Del
      Norte has a similar problem and they have to rely on simplex when
      repeaters would be "better."

      OTOH of course, once you're on-scene, fireground ops is almost always
      better using simplex. You needn't worry about getting into a repeater 5
      or 10 or 20 miles away when you're only talking to people within a few
      hundred feet from you.


      On 5/20/2011 10:29, Jake H wrote:
      > I've been seeing more Units trying the dual frequency idea of dispatch happening on local net and response occurs on a county or local command net of some sort. It's a boon for very busy Units that have dispatch after dispatch, keeps the channel clear. However it does require a mirrored infrastructure of repeaters etc to accomplish. With some homeland security grants I'm sure that was cheap or free. But Del Norte I can't imagine being busy on local net. So find some countywide repeater freq that is licensed to del norte and see if you hear responses on that.
      > Jake
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