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Re: [SoCalFire] CDF Strike Team NB 405 on 7-02

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  • Smokey Behr
    On Mon, 03 Jul 2000 09:36:28 PDT, Mike Levy ... Madera Staging is a stopping point for strike teams headed north or south when they ve
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      On Mon, 03 Jul 2000 09:36:28 PDT, "Mike Levy" <ke6alv@...>

      >I didn't hear anything about Madera Staging, but am interested in the
      >information you have. I've been scanning for almost 14 years and have never
      >heard about it before.
      >BTW, I only scanned the SitRep, but I didn't see anything going on up in
      >that area.

      Madera Staging is a stopping point for strike teams headed north or
      south when they've exceeded or are about to exceed their on-duty times
      (DOT regs). Crews are fed, and given a place to bed down, either in
      motels or in the buildings, and given box lunches, drinks, water and
      ice, and sent down the road.

      When we had the big fires around Yosemite in '95, we staged Blue Card
      crews from the East Coast there before they were assigned to different
      incidents. During that, I ended up handing out tools to the incoming
      crews, as well as driving to TCU to pick up tools for 2 crews in my

      There are about a dozen different staging centers, but the ones that
      I've heard most about are Prado (Near Chino, IIRC) and Madera. I
      remember seeing a list of all of the different staging centers, but I
      don't remember them offhand.

      All the Staging Centers monitor Travel Net, so if you hear a strike
      team calling a Staging Center, you've got one in your area.

      Smokey Behr
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