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Fire in Shasta Lake City on Friday, August 3, 2007 at 2:00 PM

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  • jodschamber
    Sorry details so late getting posted on here, I was involved in trying to protect neighbors homes, my Mother s Home and rescue neighbors pets. Just prior to
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      Sorry details so late getting posted on here, I was involved in trying
      to protect neighbors homes, my Mother's Home and rescue neighbors pets.

      Just prior to 2:00 PM overheard male individual down our street at
      4400 block of Fort Peck Street drop a Digger Pine branch with his
      chain saw.

      Branch was long enough to cover all three neighbors back yards across
      the street.

      Branch pulled down power lines which sparked 1st Grass Fire and Black
      Berry Bushes behind one house closest to the power poll on Hardenbrook
      Street, between 4400 block of Fort Peck Street and 4400 block of La
      Mesa Street.

      Next when branch crashed into second back yard in between two homes on
      4400 block of Fort Peck Street, Garage became fully engulfed in
      flames, including the whole back yard of the neighbors property.

      Next Digger Pine, right next to the one inexperienced tree cutter was
      at the top of became fully engulfed in flames from the ground up.

      The men working on trimming the Digger Pine telephoned 9-1-1 and
      reported unknown reason why Power transformer on pole blew up and
      sparked blaze (Not true)

      Next someone telephoned 9-1-1 advising Shascom that a house was fully
      engulfed in flames.

      About this time my older brother was able to reach Shascom on his cell
      phone and advise true circumstances of fire and back yards of all
      three homes across the street from our Mother's home was engulfed in
      flames towering above the neighbors roofs.

      Meanwhile I ran and checked neighbors homes for home owners or renters
      , only one person home at one house and he was trying to put out fire
      to neighbors shed, when we were able to get his attention as flames
      were very high in his own back yard.

      I next went and rescued dogs from neighbors home as fire department
      had arrived with four engines I personally saw, plus Shasta Lake
      Sheriff Department 3 cars to block entrances to neighborhood with
      total of 5 officers.

      After retrieving dogs and puppies, I started wetting down our property
      as fire department was trying to contain fire in all three of
      neighbors back yards.

      Garage in neighbors yard was totally destroyed, other wise brush was
      cleared from city property behind the three homes and brush in their
      back yards was burned up.

      One fire engine and one Captains truck remained for over five hours as
      garage appeared to have been added on to several times, each time fire
      personnel would break apart a wall, they would find a new hot spot.

      Great job by all fire crew in putting out fire before damage to any of
      the home structures.
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