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15957Re: [NorCalFire] Re: BTU: Web IC

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  • Mike Larish
    Jul 28 5:40 PM

      100+ acres.  Fire has jumped the line in a few areas and is making a run towards Hwy 32.

      No structures threatened and nothing nearby.  All timber and heavy brush and fuel, mostly SPI land.  Federal land nearby.

      Command Net:  butte support (154.415)
      Tacnet #1:  tac 9 (151.385)
      Tacnet #2:  Tac 12 (151.460)
      Air to Ground:  CDF Air to Ground (151.220)
      Air Tactics:  air tactics 5 (151.295)

      Tomorrow's request:

      8 hand crews
      15 type 3 engines
      6 water tenders
      Plus some dozers I didn't catch

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