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15943Re: [NorCalFire] Smoke: Blow in or new?

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  • Pamela Alley
    Jul 5, 2014
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      Wow.  I went to the little store (neighborhood gossip point :)) and they told me Ophir and maybe Thermalito.  Went down Ophir on my way to dinner and saw several hot spots, which I called in...they didn't have a total acreage, but according to the gal at Oroville FD, it was a nasty one to fight.
      Bless these guys, (And John!) for getting on all the fires up here lately and getting them OUT as quickly as they have.
      Scary times.
      Thanks again both of you for the updates! :)
      ps and what did I see on the way home?  Idiots out in a field doing fireworks!  AUGH!
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      I was driving down Ophir Road at about 2:00 PM.  A small column of smoke was apparent just East of Lincoln Blvd.  As I arrived at the fire, a CHP officer was handcuffing a woman just across the road from the obvious location where the fire started, so the cause of the fire might have been arson. I was in my loaded water truck.  I was held up for quite a bit at the traffic light, so by the time I got to the fire it had grown too large for me to reach with my side spray.  I did spray the left and right edges of the fire but it spread very quickly.  This might be the fire causing smoke in Oroville.

      Odd, but yesterday I was at a hydrant on the corner of Olive Highway and Old Olive Highway.    I could hear the crackling of a small fire just off of the road behind Casagrande Storage.  It also grew very quickly, and as I approached I saw a man who appeared to be homeless leaving the area.  It seems odd that anyone needs a fire for warmth.  Cooking?
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