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  • norcalfire@yahoogroups.com
    Jun 1, 2009
      Thanks for joining NorCalFire! If we all follow these rules, the list will run nice and smooth. If you don't follow these rules, refer to rule #6

      1. No whining or complaining.

      There is zero tolerance for whining and complaining on NorCalFire. You will be moderated fast and if you continue, you will be removed from the list. There is no room on the list for your personal problems. That is what direct email is for. If you have a problem with someone on the group, try emailing norcalfire-owner@yahoogroups.com for help.

      Do not whine about acronyms. Learn them or look them up. Print them and put them next to your screen. Too many people on these lists use these acronyms in their daily lives and will not bow down to your lack of appreciating the hobby. If you want to enjoy fire radio, learn how to listen to fire radio. We will NOT hold your hand.


      2. Keep it on topic.

      Northern California Fire Radio. If it doesn't involve THREE of those FOUR words, do NOT post your message. We are not here to learn about what radios you have to sell, or how to turn on your scanner.

      3. No one-liners, or one-acres, or thank-yous, or you're-welcomes.

      This goes for the "play-by-play" posters. Please combine the information that you've gathered into a larger post. If you're posting sooner than every 15-30 minutes about a fire, you're posting too much. Wait for a size-up of the fire before posting. If it sounds like a large incident with lots of radio monitoring potential, then post it.

      No Strike Team deployments, unless they're going to a Northern California fire that isn't posted on the list yet.

      Don't send thank you's (or if one gets through, don't send you're welcomes back") to the list. If a large fire got covered nicely on the list, and it is quiet on the list, and you were directly affected by the posts regarding that fire, you may thank the list or the particular people. If this is abused, you will be asked to stop. This just adds to an already busy list.

      4. Sphere of Influence.
      So the fire is 200 miles from you? Don't worry about it. We don't need to know if your second cousin's best friend's sister lives 10 miles away and you want every little detail about the fire. The person who posted about the fire will post more info as they see fit. If you know of immediate family in the area, you may ask the poster privately, using their direct email. Don't use the list please. You will be moderated if this is abused.

      Choose your home and stay put. If you live in Fresno and have a keen interest in Butte County fires, then move to Butte County. Do not live vicariously through the list and ask every little detail about incidents in Butte County. Etc. Etc. Etc.

      5. Replying

      Read all messages before replying. You might be replying to a question that got answered ten times already. Also use one message to reply to all items for any particular topic.

      6. Moderation

      New members are automatically placed on moderation. This is mainly to stop the
      spam that has become pervasive on the system. It's also so that we (the
      moderators) know that you're okay, and not some kind of wierdo. You'll come off
      moderation when we feel that it's okay to turn you loose to the list.

      Once off your initial moderation, you generally have to screw up really bad to be put back on moderation. One of the things that we will not tolerate is incivility. We are all adults here, and those of you between 13 and 18 should have enough maturity to act like an adult. We can disagree without being disagreeable. If you've been placed on moderation, you'll be taken off when the moderators think you can be trusted again. If you keep being put in moderation, we may ask that you leave so our time is not wasted in holding your hand and babysitting you.

      7. Have fun!

      This list is for getting the information about fires in NorCal out, so we all
      know what's going on. The news media isn't very much help in getting the
      specifics out, and you can listen to the incidents as they unfold.

      If you have any questions, complaints, or suggestions, email them to norcalfire-
      owner@yahoogroups.com and we will try to get to them as soon as possible.

      Jake, List Owner
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