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SF Soldier left 12 y.o. Walker at NC Shelter

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  • Rita Fazio
    This is a crosspost, please do not reply to this email, I have no further info. Contact info. is below. Thanks! PLEASE CROSSPOST I knew I shouldn t have opened
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      This is a crosspost, please do not reply to this email, I have no further info. Contact info. is below. Thanks!


      I knew I shouldn't have opened this one up - I was tearing when I got through it. If I didn't have so many at my house now, I'd do it. The best thing would be to find a foster for Sammi until her Dad comes back. How can we expect this guy to do his job when he knows he had to abandon his senior dog (his only family) to certain death? It's hard enough to place hounds
      and seniors, and Sammi is both.

      The POC is at the end of the write-up. I will be sending this off to everyone I know - hopefully someone in NC will be able to help.

      Crystal Dodd
      Please crosspost and help if you can.thks

      Okay, we need some help over here. Two days ago Sammis owner walked into the shelter with Sammi in his arms
      (literally). He explained that his wife had left him several months
      earlier and that now he(an SF soldier) was being deployed to Iraq. He had been trying to find a suitable home for her, but was unable and now he was out of time. This big strong soldier sat with Sammi for over an hour crying and saying goodbye. Sammi had been with him since she was only 8 weeks old. Yes Sammi is 12 yrs old, BUT had he not told us, we never would have guessed. She is healthy, sweet and very affectionate with the energy of any dog half her age. She is totally housebroken, spayed and UTD on everything.
      Unfortunately, today she is severely depressed, not eating and frightened of the cage and of all the barking. She has seperation anxiety and desperately needs some human contact.

      THIS IS WHAT WE NEED: Some kind soul who is willing to EITHER adopt her and allow her to live out her golden years with them OR someone who is willing to shower her with Love and affection in a foster situation until her Daddy returns from war. Her adoption fee is $50, BUT I will split it with you. She has been a good dog for too long to die alone in a shelter,
      and who knows from the looks of her, she may still have 10 good years left. Please call!

      It was on the Petfinder URGENT board. It's a heartbreaker. I would love to see someone foster this dog so the soldier could get her back when he comes home.
      I feel really sad for this dog and his soldier owner. PLEASE someone help them.

      457358- Dog:Walker Hound
      fayetteville, NC 910 488 9881 gina
      benge93 @ hotmail.com (remove spaces) 04-09-2003
      Name: Sammi

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