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A standard for testing Household Products without animals

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  • Tony Gallett
    UK Citizens in No more animal cruelty The Humane Household Product Standard (HHPS) enables consumers to easily identify products that have not been tested on
    Message 1 of 1 , May 24, 2008
      UK Citizens in No more animal cruelty

      The Humane Household Product Standard (HHPS) enables consumers to
      easily identify products that have not been tested on animals. It was
      launched in 2003 and is the only standard internationally recognised.
      The HHPS applies to all household products such as washing-up liquid,
      laundry detergent and air fresheners. Many consumers are unaware that
      household products are tested on animals.

      Marks & Spencer is now included in the Humane Household Products
      Standard. They gained approval for the Humane Cosmetics Standard in
      April 2007. Other Companies which are approved under the Humane
      Household Products Standard include Astonish, the Co-op, the Bio-D
      Company Limited and Earth Friendly Products.

      To be approved household product manufacturers must prove that they:
      * Do not conduct or commission animal tests
      * Do not buy animal tested ingredients by imposing a verifiable fixed-
      cut off date (FCOD)
      * Ensure that their FCOD is observed throughout their entire supply-
      chain and be open for independent inspection

      For more information on the HHPS and how companies can join visit

      Directive 86/609 is the name of the current European Legislation that
      provides for the protection of laboratory animals in research. It is
      now being reviewed to reflect advancements in science and technology.
      The new version should improve the controls on the use of laboratory
      animals in Europe, set minimum standards for housing and care and for
      the training of personnel supervising the experiments. It should also
      reduce the number of animals used by encouraging the use of
      alternative techniques.

      The reviewed Directive should be implemented by each member state
      with new national legislation. This is an ideal opportunity to make a
      commitment to alternative testing by replacing the animal testing of
      Household products with validated alternatives.

      In the UK there is a government policy ban on the use of animals to
      test the safety of cosmetic products and their ingredients. Many of
      the factors that justified a cosmetics testing ban apply to household
      products. There exists an Early Day Motion (EDM 1215) that calls on
      the UK Government to introduce a similar ban for household products.
      Around 200 MPs are needed to sign up for this to be effective.

      If you want your MP to sign this EDM go to

      The RSPCA have a petition, "Take Action", which calls on the British
      government to end the use of animals in experiments by replacing them
      with more scientific alternatives.

      To sign this petition visit http://www.rspca.org.uk/
      (Select campaigns then Animals in Research)

      It is in all our interest that Animal Testing is replaced with
      Alternatives based on Human Biology not Animals.

      Thank You

      Tony, London, England
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