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Dead Ducks at Wal-Mart & Trader Joes

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  • jillserena
    I ve been passing this along to the clubs.. I think it s very disturbing..Please Spread the word. Serena ---------- Forwarded message ...
    Message 1 of 487 , Oct 13, 2000
      I've been passing this along to the clubs.. I
      think it's very disturbing..Please Spread the word.
      <br> Serena<br><br>---------- Forwarded message
      ----------<br>From: lauren Ornelas Sullivan
      <vivausa@...><br><br>Dear friends,<br><br>Viva!USA is asking people to
      please contact Trader Joe's and Wal-Mart to demand that
      they quit selling duck meat. According to the
      Duckling<br>Council, "national consumption increased by 11.5 percent
      between 1995 and 1998 - a percentage increase that
      outpaces chicken and turkey."<br><br>Viva! has done an
      undercover investigation and has revealed the horrific
      conditions that ducks are raised in this country. Like
      chickens, ducks are force-molted, de-billed, and boiled
      alive. To add insult to injury, these ducks are also
      deprived of water. Ducks need water in order to maintain
      normal body functions.<br><br>Viva! uses the issue of
      duck farming to educate the public about all birds
      killed for food. We want to stop this industry before it
      gets<br>any larger. Currently 24 million ducks are killed
      every year in this country. Our full report about duck
      farming is on our website.<br><br>In the UK, Viva!has
      been successful in getting duck meat pulled from some
      grocery stores. Most grocery stores carry duck meat,
      however we<br>are putting our attention on Trader Joe's
      and Wal-Mart at this time. Both have received a copy
      of our undercover video, Ducks Out of
      Water.<br><br>Please call and fill out the customer comment cards at
      stores that carry duck meat and demand that they
      stop.<br><br>Trader Joe's<br>John Shield's, CEO<br>P.O. Box
      3270<br>South Pasadena, CA 91031<br>(626)
      441-1177<br><br>Wal-Mart<br>Lee Scott, President<br>P.O. Box 116<br>Bentonville,
      AR 72712<br>800-925-6278<br><br>According to
      correspondence to consumers, representatives from Trader Joe's
      visited both farms and stated that the 'trimming' of the
      ducks<br>bill is "similar to fingernail clipping" and they feel
      these farms have high standards. Whole Foods has also
      visited one of the farms. No word on their opinion yet,
      but they have not called to say they are pulling
      it.<br><br>We also encourage you to put pressure on your local
      stores and regional offices! Please e-mail us at
      info@... if you would like copies of our leaflet or would
      like some postcards addressed to Wal-Mart.<br><br>We
      will be doing more nationally organized events before
      the end of the year, please Contact us if you would
      like to get involved.<br><br>Thank you for your time.
      With consumer pressure, we can make this
      happen.<br><br>For the animals,<br>lauren Ornelas<br>US Campaigns
      Director<br>Viva!USA<br>P.O. Box 49023<br>Atlanta, GA
      30359<br>404-315-8881<br>info@...<br><a href=http://www.vivausa.org target=new>http://www.vivausa.org</a><br>Campaigning for Animals - Fighting for Change
    • huntfish25
      thanks for the info i will get the book. what kind of veggi do you plant and how much do you stored for he winter. i want to know. i guest you can them right.
      Message 487 of 487 , Mar 15, 2002
        thanks for the info i will get the book. what kind of veggi do you
        plant and how much do you stored for he winter. i want to know. i
        guest you can them right. and do you buy anthing from the stored.
        this is for my info i planted small garden lat year and it suck we
        only got few can food from it i was going to try it aain but dont
        have the tim this year.

        --- In nomoreanimalcruelty@y..., arizonavegan <no_reply@y...> wrote:
        > ok huntfish. if u dont read or understand anything i type, i just
        > u do it on this one. and if u dont like it. go out and buy a book
        > the subject and read that. i know u r on 10 or more different
        > or anti-AR/anti-vegan yahoo groups. and if u wanted to know the
        > information, by know you would already have it. but u just want to
        > argue and make internet wars. so with that u asked about the
        > thing. yes me and my family HAVE lived off of a garden before. so
        > write that down... "Jesse's family has lived off of a garden
        > ok? sorry for being sarcastic but i feel thats the only way to get
        > into your head. In the book Diet for a New Ameria by John Robbins.
        > (if u cared enough to learn u should go buy this book or already
        > it) it says, on average, in a one year time frame for ONE person IF
        > they had a meat diet they used 3.25 acres while a Vegetarian diet
        > only required 1/6 of an acre. so there is ur answer.....
        > for every 16 lbs. of grains and soybeans we feed animals we get 1
        > back of meat. animals eat over 80% of our corn and over 95% of our
        > oats. actually the grains and soybeans that livestock consumes
        > feed the worls 5 times over. (not that any company would feed the
        > world 5 times over but that is the amount of food being consumed by
        > livestock) by raising factory farms and raising animals for
        > consumption we waste 96% of calories, 100% of fiber, 100% carbs.
        > because they are in the food we feed the animals. but their body
        > them then we dont get them back. anyways...
        > there is ur answer. if u dont like it go get a book. i mean why
        > anyone want to eat meat with all the chemicals in it anyways? maybe
        > if u lived like natives and hunted to survive then u would get
        > healthy meat and would be a part of the food chain. but now? no way
        > man....
        > Jesse
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