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    Defenders of Wildlife More news about Nature are presented bellow ... Help prevent the worst wolf massacre to occur in decades Take action now!
    Message 1 of 1 , Jan 4, 2007
      Defenders of Wildlife
      More news about Nature are presented bellow


      Help prevent the worst wolf massacre to occur in decades

      Take action now!

      Watch video about the wolves:

      Help Stop the
      Next Wolf Massacre

      Hundreds of wolves could die if a misguided "management" plan becomes a reality. Help stop the massacre -- Urge U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service head Dale Hall to protect wolves in the Northern Rockies.

      Please forward this message to a friend...

      Federal officials are about to make a big mistake -- one that could lead to the killing of hundreds of wolves in the Northern Rockies.

      Help save these magnificent animals. Urge the head of the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service, Dale Hall, to maintain federal protections for gray wolves.

      Sometime this month, the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service is expected to release a proposal to strip wolves of crucial Endangered Species Act protections across most of Wyoming and de-list wolves in Idaho, where the state is poised to kill up to 75% of the wolves living in the Lolo district of the Clearwater National Forest.

      This proposal could allow the use of aerial gunning and other lethal control methods to kill as many as two-thirds of the wolves in Wyoming and as many as 54 of Idaho's 65 wolf packs!

      Help us prevent the worst massacre of wolves to occur in the lower 48 states in decades. Take action now.

      In the last century, America's wolves were nearly hunted, trapped, poisoned and harassed to extinction. Yet neither Wyoming nor Idaho has addressed the core issues that once brought these magnificent animals to the brink of extinction.

      Until Wyoming and Idaho take decisive action to promote conservation, maintain adequate range for the wolves and reduce conflicts between ranchers and wolves, removing federal protections is a recipe for disaster.

      Join our Campaign to Save America's Wolves. Take action now.

      Since last week, more than $85,000 has been donated to support our work to save wolves in the Northern Rockies. We've already begun putting these resources to good use, preparing our legal challenge to the federal proposal and rushing new radio ads and other educational materials into production.

      Now we need to ensure our voices our heard. Plenty of folks motivated by over-blown claims of livestock loss and elk hunting declines are urging federal officials to kill wolves. Will you be a voice for for America's wolves?

      Send your message now, and urge Fish and Wildlife Service chief Dale Hall to protect wolves in the Northern Rockies.

      The future of our wolves depends on you.

      Best Regards,

      Rodger Schlickeisen
      Defenders of Wildlife

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      The "Animals Matter" Petition needs your help

      Be a monthly donor Donate Now Become a member Tell a friend

      The "Animals Matter" Petition needs your help

      Sign the Petition Today!

      The "Animals Matter to Me" petition has over 358,000 signatures but we still need more! WSPA launched the petition to show the United Nations that animal welfare is an important issue for people the world over.

      This petition is one part of a comprehensive campaign to urge the United Nations to adopt a Universal Declaration on Animal Welfare. We are seeking a total of 10 million signatures, making it the most ambitious global initiative on animal welfare that has ever been attempted. This declaration would be similar to earlier initiatives on human rights and the environment.

      Help us make a difference - Sign the "Animals Matter to Me" petition

      The adoption of a Universal Declaration on Animal Welfare would act as a catalyst for better animal welfare provisions.

      Five UN member states - Costa Rica, Kenya, India, Czech Republic and the Philippines - have already formed a steering group committed to taking the initiative forward to the United Nations.

      In principle, the Universal Declaration will call on the United Nations to recognize animals as sentient beings, capable of experiencing pain and suffering. The Declaration will also recognize that animal welfare is an issue of importance as part of the social development of nations worldwide.

      Already signed the petition? You can help us spread the word!

      Click here for an easy way to alert your friends and family and ask them to sign the Animals Matter to Me petition.
      It only takes a few seconds and it could make a difference in the way animals are treated all around the world.

      To make sure you're counted toward our goal of 10 million signatures worldwide - go to the Animals Matter to Me website and sign the petition today.


      Inadequate Safety Review Threatens U.S. Food Supply and Animal Welfare

      (December 26, 2006) The U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) is expected later this week to release a preliminary safety assessment that clears the way for marketing of meat and dairy products from cloned animals for human consumption. The assessment and the agency's expected endorsement of cloned food comes despite widespread concern among scientists and food safety advocates over the safety of such products. The move to market cloned milk and meat also flies in the face of dairy and food industry concern and recent consumer opinion polls showing that most Americans do not want these experimental foods.

      "Instead of doing its job, the Bush FDA has ignored the science and fast-tracked this decision for the benefit of a few cloning companies," said Joseph Mendelson, Legal Director for the Center for Food Safety (CFS). "This is a lose-lose situation for consumers and the dairy industry."

      The FDA action follows the recent news that the agency has refused to investigate health problems in animal clones on a U.S. dairy farm. Greg Wiles, whose Williamsport Maryland "Futuraland 2020" dairy was the first farm in the nation to have cloned cows, told FDA that one of his two cow clones was suffering from unexplained health problems. Wiles told Food Chemical News that the clone "just stopped growing...she just looks terrible," but says that when he reported the problems to FDA and other federal officials, he was "paddled around like a tennis ball from agency to agency." CFS has asked the Agriculture Department to intervene in the case to stop any sale and prohibit the slaughter of clones and their progeny for food.

      In October, CFS, joined by a coalition of consumer, environmental and animal welfare organizations, filed a legal petition with the FDA seeking a moratorium on foods produced from cloned animals and establishment of mandatory rules for pre-market food safety and environmental review of cloned foods (see the petition at http://www.centerforfoodsafety.org/ ). The petition also requested that the Department of Health and Human Services establish a federal review committee to advise FDA on the ethical issues raised by animal cloning.

      Recent opinion polls also show that Americans are overwhelmingly concerned about animal cloning for food production. A November 2006 food industry poll conducted by the International Food Information Council showed that 58% of Americans' surveyed would be unlikely to buy meat or milk from animal clones even if FDA found such products to be safe. In the same poll, only 16% of Americans had a favorable opinion of animal cloning. A December 2006 poll by the Pew Initiative found that 64% of those polled were uncomfortable with animal cloning, with 43% saying that cloned food is unsafe, while another 36% felt unsure about cloned food safety.

      The FDA's action also follows growing opposition to the use of clones and their progeny for food products on Capitol Hill. In November, Senator Barbara Mikulski sent a letter to the FDA requesting a complete overview of how the agency came to its decision of using clones in food. In early December, a bi-partisan group of seven senators led by Senator Patrick Leahy asked FDA to reconsider its assessment of cloned animals. The International Dairy Foods Association, representing major dairies and food makers including Kraft, Nestle and others, also has opposed allowing products from cloned animals into the food supply at this time.

      Cloning scientists have acknowledged that genetic abnormalities are common in clones, yet FDA failed to address how food safety and animal welfare concerns could be managed if cloning is widely adopted by the livestock industry. Some of the health and safety problems in animal cloning include:

      a.. Surrogate mothers are treated with high doses of hormones; clones are often born with severely compromised immune systems and frequently receive massive doses of antibiotics. This opens an avenue for large amounts of veterinary pharmaceuticals to enter the human food supply;

      b.. Imbalances in clones' hormone, protein, and/or fat levels could compromise the quality and safety of meat and milk;

      c.. The National Academy of Sciences warned that commercialization of cloned livestock for food production could increase the incidence of food-borne illnesses, such as E. coli infections;

      d.. Cloning commonly results in high failure rates and defects such as intestinal blockages; diabetes; shortened tendons; deformed feet; weakened immune systems; dysfunctional hearts, brains, livers, and kidneys; respiratory distress; and circulatory problems.
      "There is widespread concern among Americans, and scientific concern that cloned food may not be safe and that cloning will increase animal cruelty," said Mendelson. "We intend to pursue our legal action to compel FDA to address the many unanswered questions around cloned food."

      What can you do?
      Though FDA has not made their official announcement (it is expected later this week), the story has already hit the press. Keep an eye out in your local papers for stories on FDA's approval. We will send you another email with an opportunity to send letters to the editors of your local media outlets. It is also expected that a public comment period will be opened once FDA makes a formal announcement, if so, we will have an opportunity to make our voices heard then as well.

      For more background information, see http://www.centerforfoodsafety.org


      FDA Okays Food from Cloned Animals - Write a Letter to the Editor!

      As expected, the FDA announced on Thursday December 28th preliminary approval of milk and meat from cloned animals and their offspring to enter the human food supply. Despite public outcry, FDA has not recommended these products be labeled if approved.

      Stories about FDA's announcement ran in newspapers across the country. Write a letter to the editor of your local papers and add your voice!

      ** If you have problems with the links in this email, copy and paste the following URL directly into your browser's address bar to send your letter online http://ga3.org/campaign/cloning_lte

      A 90-day public comment period opened today, and we will follow up with an opportunity to send comments to FDA.


      Visit the web address below to tell your friends about this. Tell-a-friend!

      If you received this message from a friend, you can sign up for Center for Food Safety.


      Movie Fans: Write to your Local Newspaper about Dirty Gold

      Dear Paulo,

      The recent Hollywood release, Blood Diamond starring Leonardo DiCaprio, may be on your holiday viewing list. The film has received widespread media attention because it highlights how the illegal diamond trade has helped to fuel and finance armed conflict in parts of Africa.

      Natural resources, instead of bringing wealth, have fuelled conflict in the Dem. Republic of Congo. Credit: Richard Wainwright/CAFOD Unearth Justice
      Gold mining, too, bears the scars of conflict, destruction, and human rights abuse. For example, in the Democratic Republic of Congo (DRC), armed groups fighting for control of gold mines and trading routes have tortured and killed civilians and used gold sales to buy weapons. Rather than bringing prosperity to the nation, gold has been a cause of enormous human suffering in the DRC.

      Please help us raise awareness that "dirty gold" is as great a threat as "blood diamonds" by writing a letter to your local newspaper. The letters section is widely read, and it offers a great opportunity to reach your entire community.

      We have provided some helpful facts and figures that you can use to craft your letter. It is helpful to relate your letter to topics the newspaper has covered recently, so keep an eye out for articles relating to the movie "Blood Diamond".

      Thank you, and best wishes for the holidays,
      The No Dirty Gold Campaign team

      P.S. Please share your letter with us by emailing it to info@.... Send us a link to your published letter and we will send you a No Dirty Gold t-shirt.


      Use these helpful facts and figures about "dirty gold" to write your letter to the editor. NOTE: Newspapers generally limit letters to between 100 and 200 words.

      a.. Gold mining is one of the dirtiest industries in the world. The production of a single gold wedding ring generates 20 tons of mine waste.
      b.. As with "blood diamonds," gold mining bears the scars of conflict, destruction, and human rights abuse. Gold mining fueled a war in the Democratic Republic of Congo that led to more civilian deaths than any war since World War II.
      c.. In places as diverse as Guatemala, Ghana, Peru, and Indonesia, local communities and indigenous peoples have encountered intimidation, abuse, and even violent suppression when voicing opposition to mining projects.
      d.. The majority of gold is used to make jewelry. Jewelers should ensure that they are not selling their customers gold that has been produced at the expense of communities and the environment.
      e.. Jewelers can take an important step by endorsing the No Dirty Gold campaign's "Golden Rules" and supporting an independent certification system to weed out "dirty gold."
      Here are some recent news articles about the Blood Diamond film:

      a.. "Measuring a diamond's true price," The New York Times, 17 December 2006
      b.. "Diamonds are for never?" The New York Times, 14 December 2006
      c.. "All of the luster, none of the conflict," The Oregonian, 16 December 2006
      d.. "Ice that draws fire," The Montreal Gazette, 20 December 2006
      e.. "Ask before buying: Is that sparkler a blood diamond?" The Houston Chronicle, 13 December 2006
      f.. "Blood diamond tells necessary story," The Baltimore Examiner, 14 December 2006



      Headlines Newsletter
      December 14th, 2006
      All stories, blogs, and video »

      Suburbia: Running on Empty?
      By James Howard Kunstler, Salgamundi
      Robert Bruegmann argues in his new book that urban sprawl will continue because people like it, but reviewer James Howard Kunstler counters that the petro-dependent suburban era is just about finished. Read more »

      Dear Friend,

      In just a few weeks, 2006 will be over. But AlterNet's coverage on the crucial issues of 2007 is only just beginning.

      The recent shift in Congress gives us hope! The election results prove that the American people desire change. Right now is the perfect opportunity to focus attention on the issues we care about -- our health and the environment; reproductive rights and social justice; corporate accountability and economic fairness.

      But if we really want to see progress, we've got to push for it. If you believe that it's time to move our country in a new direction, then help support AlterNet's coverage on the most important issues of 2007.

      Need another reason? Donate $45 or more, and we'll send you a copy of "The War Tapes," a compelling new Iraq documentary filmed by American soldiers themselves. Click here to make your contribution.


      Don Hazen
      Executive Editor, AlterNet

      Why Withdrawal Is Unmentionable
      By Michael Schwartz, Tomdispatch.com
      Pulling out of Iraq would be an imperially momentous decision. It would mean the abandonment of more than two decades of American foreign policy in the Middle East.

      U.S. Chamber of Commerce: The Right Wing's Right Hand in D.C.
      By Matt Stoller, AlterNet
      The Chamber of Commerce, run by corrupt lobbyist Tom Donahue, has turned into a pay-to-play vehicle for right-wing causes and corporate dishonesty.

      E.P.A. Library Closures Could Threaten Public Health
      By Leslie Burger, AlterNet
      Congress needs to act now to reverse the E.P.A.'s closing of tax-payer funded libraries, which contain potentially life-saving information about our environment.

      What She Wore: The Prevalence of Gender Bias in Reporting
      By Lucinda Marshall, Feminist Peace Network
      Not only is it possible to write about women in power without referencing their appearance, it should also be the standard.

      Good News, Everybody: We've Got a New Iraq Slogan!
      By Arianna Huffington, AlterNet
      Bush's language has changed, but his idiocy hasn't.

      Is the USA the Center of the World?
      By Norman Solomon, AlterNet
      Rumor has it our world domination is in jeopardy. Can politicians take the ego-beating?

      McKinney's (And Any Other) Bush Impeachment Bill Is a Bad Idea
      By Earl Ofari Hutchinson, AlterNet
      Why McKinney's bill is more about getting back at Democrats than nailing Bush.

      PEEK and Video: The hottest buzz and videos on the web

      Daily Show: Goodbye Rummy [VIDEO]
      By Evan Derkacz
      'Don with the wind'

      Jim and Tammy Faye's son: The Punk Rock Preacher [VIDEO]
      By Evan Derkacz
      It begins tonight...

      Dick Cheney's "final solution" for Iraq (also: Muqtada madness!)
      By Joshua Holland
      Why dim children shouldn't play with armies.

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