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Greece, Again!

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  • Alexandra Yurkiw
    ... From: Marijo Gillis [mailto:TwinkiePerkyEbby@msn.com] Sent: Tuesday, March 01, 2005 11:10 PM To: Alexandra Yurkiw Subject: URGENT MARIJO/WAG A LOOK INTO
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      From: Marijo Gillis [mailto:TwinkiePerkyEbby@...]
      Sent: Tuesday, March 01, 2005 11:10 PM
      To: Alexandra Yurkiw


      I hope you are all well and bearing up under the stresses and heartaches
      of activism. I've been silent but active; traveling to South America and
      the equatorial islands, trying desperately to evoke positive government
      action and local outreach agendas for the tens of thousands of gravely
      ill and dying strays that roam this part of "our" world. As well, I
      have been commissioned to help develop a TV program here in New York,
      and oddly enough have managed to get involved in real estate as another
      means of funding WAG's animal related work. Many of you have
      compassionately continued to express concern and interest regarding the
      animals of Greece. For this, I am so grateful to you.

      Kindly bear with me and read to the end. We desperately need your
      support and action. Thank you all with all my heart.
      Love, and respect,
      Post-Olympics Greece or A Look into the Belly of the Beast

      All together, we waged a two year long, high pressure campaign to
      disrupt the Greek governments frightful endeavor to "clean" the streets
      for the 2004 Athens Olympics. The disaster specific products of this
      national exercise in genocide were thousands of dead and maimed animals.

      Thanks to our persistent lobbying and the better late than never support
      of national animal welfare powerhouses in the USA, Greece pulled up her
      bikini bottoms but only when the spotlight was cast upon her. According
      to Greek sources, most of the surviving abandoned street dogs of Athens,
      purportedly "saved" by the municipal government in a last ditch effort
      to appear "virginal" before the world and the press, are nowhere to be
      found. The creators and purveyors of animal protection laws are
      selectively short sighted. Dirty money allegedly sprints from
      outstretched hand to pocket and the underlying fundamental mindset of a
      large share of the nation remains unchanged. Neglect and abuse continues
      and some animal advocates in Greece wage an enduring battle against each
      other in a contest of pathetic egos. I believe that it is time once
      again for us to position Greece at center stage.

      Compounding the "sinful" behavior of certain government entities and
      some citizens, the Greek Church is now scrambling to salvage their
      credibility as scandal after scandal emerges with clerics implicated in
      drug dealing, antiquities theft, trial rigging, drug dealing,
      prostitution and lewd conduct. Judges and prosecutors are linked
      incestuously with the priestly criminals. My God, what chance do the
      animals of Greece have?

      I have always been an unabashed admirer of the beauty of Greece, and
      lived there, while married for 14 years. In the last few months I have
      temporarily distanced myself because of total disappointment in a brutal
      society, runaway corruption, a confluence of indifference, ignorance and
      a lack of compassion.

      If Greece's historic standards and trends are any indication of future
      hope for elevating the status of companion and farmed animals, we are
      screwed, nope, correction, the animals are screwed.

      Certain government entities have not only made a mockery of the "games",
      and their proud claim of giving "birth to civilization" but of the Greek
      state and it's incestuously linked church as well. The metastasizing
      scandals have cast an indelible shadow over the integrity of an entire
      nation. Greece has become a blank space in the halls of civilization.

      Again, I believe that it is time once again for us to position Greece at
      center stage. A certain Greek citizen and her sidekick attorney are on
      an unholy crusade to stop the re homing of abandoned animals to
      adoptive, loving "parents" in Europe and the United States. She
      slanders by "testifying" that "foreign" and Greek animal activists are
      engaging in commercial "dog trade" and supplying vivisectionists and fur
      dealers abroad. Oddly, she has convinced the crippled Ministry of
      Agriculture that this is true and illegal confiscations of these poor
      dogs in transit to salvation are rampant

      I wouldn't waste my time and yours if I didn't believe that once again
      we will gain the startled attention of the Greek state and lobby for
      justice for the animals.

      Please, please friends, copy and paste the addresses of Greek officials
      and the body of the letter that follows below to an e-mail, sign your
      name, address and country and let's blast them

      To: ax2u098@...

      cc Twinkieperkyebhy@... <mailto:ccTwinkieperky@...>
      cc: info@...; info@...

      Subject: Illegal and unjustified seizure of dogs from Crete - URGENT!


      Foreign journalists and Greek activists report that on February 27, 58
      abandoned dogs from the island of Crete en route to re-homing in
      Germany, were illegally confiscated by the Piraeus port police at the
      "command" of Greek citizen Ioanna Garagouni and her attorney, Mrs.
      Lekakou, well known for disrupting animal welfare in Greece. The dogs,
      formerly abused and abandoned were the companion animals of the Arche
      Noah Kreta Sanctuary on the island of Crete. The frightened dogs were
      transported to an unknown location by these opponents of the foreign and
      Greek animal welfare organizations

      This latest appalling activity regarding Greek animals and the skewed
      rulings of the Greek Ministry of Agriculture is being covered by the
      European press. We all remember the mass slaughter of abandoned street
      dogs prior to the Olympic Games, the tiny kitten that was set on fire
      and died weeks later and other,countless acts of cruelty and neglect.
      Mrs. Garagouni and attorney Lekakou are slandering and libeling foreign
      animal advocates, accusing them of providing Greek dogs to vivisection
      and experimental laboratories. These accusations are ludicrous if not
      downright crazy.

      Is Mrs. Garagouni a representative of the Ministry of Agriculture? Are
      Minister Vasiakos and Deputy Minister Kontos responsible for giving this
      woman and her attorney the authority to illegally intercept animal mercy
      missions and slander foreign countries? Further, we have have received
      many reports from volunteers in Greece who have been arrested or
      threatened with arrest by authorities for saving, treating feeding or
      neutering stray dogs. This is unspeakable and unacceptable. As well,
      German and English volunteers accompanying the abandoned Greek dogs to
      adoptive families in Germany were illegally detained by the port police,
      once again at the hysterical urging of Ms. Garagouni and Mrs. Lekakou.

      Be informed gentlemen, that the dogs have owners in Germany and we will
      urge the owners to take legal action against the Ministry of
      Agriculture, it's employees and the Piraeus Port Police, (also Mrs.
      Garagouni and Ms. Lekakou) for their positions and inability to
      resolve the difficulties arising from an ineffective and unenforceable
      law and problematic ministerial decision which must be repealed.

      Greece is an EU member and should behave as such. Boundaries do not
      exist for EU citizens. Citizens travel between EU countries with only
      an ID . We urge you to constitute a Ministerial decree facilitating the
      passage of unwanted, Greek strays to loving families in Europe and the
      United States. We urge you to curtail the ridiculous activities of Mrs.
      Garagouni and her attorney.
      Please attend to this unfortunate and very serious issue. We will
      curtail tourism to Greece if rapid improvements are not made for the
      animals of Greece.

      We thank you in advance for a prompt response.

      & lobby group)
      Tel. (212) 427-0587
      E-Mail Twinkieperkyebby@...

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