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Atkins diet versus Vegan diet

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  • Michael Greger, M.D.
    I m excited to offer four new full-text additions to http://www.AtkinsFacts.org : 1. Atkins diet versus Vegan diet 2. Low Carb Diets: Potential Short and
    Message 1 of 1 , Sep 15, 2004
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      I'm excited to offer four new full-text additions to
      http://www.AtkinsFacts.org :

      1. Atkins diet versus Vegan diet
      2. "Low Carb Diets: Potential Short and Long-term Health Implications"
      3. "Atkins Diet: Help or Hoax"
      4. "Is Atkins Dead (Again)?"

      1. Atkins diet versus Vegan diet

      The Atkins Diet head-to-head with a vegan diet for one year--what did
      researchers find? Read the entire article posted for the first time
      on http://www.AtkinsFacts.org at

      Basically, every single cardiac risk factor measured improved on the
      low-fat whole-foods vegan diet (those on the vegan diet lost 50
      pounds and cut their bad cholesterol levels in half!) whereas every
      single cardiac risk factor WORSENED on the Atkins Diet. The
      investigator concludes "Those following high fat [Atkins] diets may
      have lost weight, but at the price of increased cardiovascular risk
      factors, including increased LDL cholesterol, increased
      triglycerides, increased total cholesterol, decreased HDL
      cholesterol, increased total/HDL cholesterol ratios, and increased
      homocysteine, Lp(a), and fibrinogen levels. These increased risk
      factors not only increase the risk of heart disease, but also the
      risk of strokes, peripheral vascular disease, and blood clots."

      No wonder why in the only study to ever directly measure the effects
      of the Atkins diet on the heart found that Atkins cut blood flow to
      the heart 40%, whereas the vegetarian diet it was compared to opened
      up arterial blockages in the coronary arteries and INCREASED blood
      flow 40% (actual blood flow diagrams posted at

      2. "Low Carb Diets: Potential Short and Long-term Health Implications"

      For the first time online, this is the scathing review published last
      year in the Asia Pacific Journal of Clinical Medicine which concluded
      "Complications such as heart arrhythmias, cardiac contractile
      function impairment, sudden death, osteoporosis, kidney damage,
      increased cancer risk, impairment of physical activity and lipid
      abnormalities can all be linked to long-term restriction of
      carbohydrates in the diet. "

      Nothing like eating a diet with "sudden death" as a side-effect. Read
      the entire review online at

      3. "Atkins Diet: Help or Hoax"

      Considered one of the most prestigious medical journals in the world,
      The Lancet, in its September 4th-10th 2004 issue, reviewed the Atkins
      Diet. In the accompanying editorial comment "Atkins Diet: Help or
      Hoax," editors wrote "45 million readers (of the Atkins diet book)
      can't be wrong... can they? Yes, probably, according to Arne Astrup
      and collegues in a rapid review."

      Professor Arne Astrup, M.D. Ph.D., President of the Danish Nutrition
      Council, concludes "low-carbohydrate diets cannot be recommended."
      Read the entire review online at

      4. "Is Atkins Dead (Again)?"

      For the first time online, a 2004 review of how the Atkins Diet
      achieved "fashion-cult status amongst society figures" in the journal
      Nutrition, Metabolism and Cardiovascular Disease by the Chair of the
      Department of Nutrition at the University of Glasgow. Online now at

      And as always http://www.AtkinsFacts.org provides full-text
      condemnations of the Atkins Diet from authorities such as the
      American Medical Association, the American Dietetic Association,
      American Heart Association, National Cancer Institute and the Chair
      of Nutrition at Harvard (and dozens of others), as well as the latest
      news and my own white paper on Atkins (always being
      updated--currently at 527 citations). Please help me expose the low
      carb lies behind the Atkins Diet by sending people to get the facts
      at http://www.AtkinsFacts.org

      And if anyone wants to support my work on the Atkins Diet, please
      consider donating to the Michael Greger Legal Fund to defend me from
      the threat I received from the Atkins Corporation's Legal
      Department. Click on the donate link at the bottom of
      http://www.veganMD.org to help and subscribe to my monthly nutrition
      newsletter for updates by sending a blank email to

      Thank you,

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