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dung mummy MoveOn benefit w/ the Radio Active Chicken Heads

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  • Karloff
    DUNG MUMMY September 11th, 2004 Three years after freedom died and six months after the last Dung Mummy, the monthly experimental music series from the
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      September 11th, 2004

      Three years after freedom died and six months after the last Dung Mummy, the monthly experimental music series from the hop-frog kollectiv continues. September 11th's Dung Mummy will be a fundraiser for moveon.org who focus on the removal of the current regime. All profits from this event will got to moveon.org.

      FOR THE FUTURE: October's Dung Mummy will bring a celebration for the release of the first hop-frog kollectiv album (hop-frog's fatwa: the silk road) and the start of our own record label U.R.C.K. URCKarm Karmaceuticals (United Research for Chemical Karma) will be the home of a back log of finished kollectiv pieces and will eventually house the out of print albums of our favorite bands that we adore so much.

      without further delay...........................

      September 11th: an evening inside the fever dream w/

      The Radio Active Chicken Heads
      The Master Musicians of hop-frog/hop-frog's drum jester devotional

      w/ art by Carlos Cordero, and more tba, poetry by the honey twin and more tba.

      @ Salvation Theatre
      1519 Griffith Park Blvd.
      Los Angeles, CA 90026-1048




      For anyone who has never experienced this spectacle, it is a must see for all connoisseurs of fine entertainment" -Dan, Jellobungreasia

      "Spastic, ridiculous, and geeky to the core" -Adam Bregman, LA Weekly

      "The Chicken Heads are playing for the guy on his way to hell, as one last wonderfully guilty pleasure of the eternally damned. This is crazy stuff, friends" -Lauren Choplin, The Daily Trojan

      "The Chicken Heads are more fun than a shopping spree in a Mexican supermarket. These guys are f%@#in' crazy." -Andy Harris, Thrasher Magazine

      "Weird and wonderful...We liked them a lot" -Rich Kane, OC Weekly




      "the churning of molten matter which erupts at various intervals. Electronic eruption of sound. Beat noise blasts. Synthesized silver birds of hidden forests. A bullet train heading to the twilight zone"


      The Master Musician's of hop-frog is a joint project of members of the hop-frog kollectiv, a Los Angeles based collective formed in 1999 focused on experimental arts, poltical dissent and fever dream realization and creators of Dung Mummy, experimental arts gatherings....with MMoHF you'll find psychedlic arabic guitars, saz, toy acordians, toy keyboards, indian melodies, experimental electronics, snake charmer flutes, etc. mixed with broken beats and deranged senses.

      hop-frog in all it's forms, it's 3 core members and the kollectiv have over 5 albums of material due to be released at the end of 2004 and into 2005.

      What is MoveOn all about?
      MoveOn is working to bring ordinary people back into politics. With a system that today revolves around big money and big media, most citizens are left out. When it becomes clear that our "representatives" don't represent the public, the foundations of democracy are in peril. MoveOn is a catalyst for a new kind of grassroots involvement, supporting busy but concerned citizens in finding their political voice. Our nationwide network of more than 2,000,000 online activists is one of the most effective and responsive outlets for democratic participation available today.
      What does MoveOn do?
      When there is a disconnect between broad public opinion and legislative action, MoveOn builds electronic advocacy groups. Examples of such issues are campaign finance, environmental and energy issues, media consolidation, or the Iraq war. Once a group is assembled, MoveOn provides information and tools to help each individual have the greatest possible impact.
      How does MY voice count?
      At MoveOn, every member has a voice in choosing our shared direction. Using our ActionForum software, you can propose issue priorities and strategies. Others will see and respond to your suggestions, and the most strongly supported ideas will rise to the top. We adopt the issues that rise to the top as our campaign priorities. In 2000, for example, our members chose campaign finance reform and protection of the environment as our two top issues. In 2003, Iraq and media reform rose to the top. We'll also continue take the initiative to organize quick action on other timely issues as they arise.
      Who started MoveOn?
      MoveOn was started by Joan Blades and Wes Boyd, two Silicon Valley entrepreneurs. Although neither had experience in politics, they shared deep frustration with the partisan warfare in Washington D.C. and the ridiculous waste of our nation's focus at the time of the impeachment mess. On September 18th 1998, they launched an online petition to "Censure President Clinton and Move On to Pressing Issues Facing the Nation." Within days they had hundreds of thousands of individuals signed up, and began looking for ways these voices could be heard.
      The MoveOn Peace campaign was founded independently by Eli Pariser, a Maine native and recent graduate of Simon's Rock College of Bard. In the days following September 11th, 2001, he launched an online petition calling for a restrained and multi-lateral response to the attacks, which was quickly signed by more than half a million people. Eli joined forces with MoveOn soon afterward, and is now MoveOnPAC's Executive Director (see www.moveonpac.org).
      For more information about the MoveOn team, click here
      Who pays for MoveOn?
      Because MoveOn.org has only a tiny staff, our basic operating costs are very low. You can support our work with a secure online contribution. Almost all of our funding comes through these donations from people like you.
      What is the MoveOn PAC?
      Many of our current national leaders actively disregard public opinion and common sense, recklessly placing the interests of their big-money donors ahead of the good of our society. For these politicians, our only alternative is electoral action. It's time for a change in leadership. We need more new talent and new vision. Broadening public support for congressional campaigns will be key in making this possible. Through the MoveOn Political Action Committee, more than 10,000 everyday Americans together contributed more than $2 million to key congressional campaigns in the 2000 election, and more than $3.5 million in 2002 election (more information).

      www.hop-frog.com - underevolution

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