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"It's just a frog, for crying out loud"

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    Date: Thu, 11 Mar 2004 21:24:49 -0000    From: Mary Alice Subject: It s just a frog, for crying out loud Saslaw : PLEASE VOTE
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      Date: Thu, 11 Mar 2004 21:24:49 -0000
         From: "Mary Alice" <moonflower.uk@...>
      Subject: "It's just a frog, for crying out loud" Saslaw : PLEASE VOTE AND


      Forwarded message:

      If you wish to leave comments for Senator Saslaw, call his office at
      1-804-698 -7535 or the Hotline at 1-800-889-0229.

      There's also an article and on-line poll about this:

      "We are on our way to becoming a nation of wimps," said Senate Minority
      Leader Richard L. Saslaw. "It's just a frog, for crying out loud."

      Virginia: Give Students a Choice on Dissection
      Virginia legislators have passed H.B. 1018, a bill to give students an
      alternative to performing classroom dissections. The bill, sponsored by
      Delegate James Dillard, requires school divisions to provide students
      with alternatives to animal dissection and to notify students and
      parents of the option to decline to participate in animal dissection.
      The bill will now go to the governor for his signature.  Your help is
      needed now!

      Many students have ethical objections to classroom dissection, a
      practice that kills approximately six million animals in American
      schools each year. Some oppose killing healthy animals when alternatives
      are available. Others are concerned about the inhumane conditions and
      the terrible suffering of animals supplied to the dissection trade. Some
      wish to end the environmental disruption caused by taking animals from
      the wild for dissection purposes, or they are aware that piglets
      purchased for dissection are byproducts of intensive farming practices
      that they do not wish to support.

      Currently, students opposed to dissection often risk getting lower
      grades for following their conscience. Dissection choice laws give
      students the right to learn the course material using excellent humane
      alternatives such as interactive computer simulations and models, where
      students learn as well as or better than those using animals.

      What You Can Do: Please contact Governor Warner and ask him to sign H.B.
      1018 into law to give students an alternative to the dissection of animals.

      Governor Mark R. Warner
      State Capitol
      Third Floor
      Richmond, VA 23219
      Fax: 804-371-6351
      E-mail: www.governor.virginia.gov

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