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Please keep pressing the media/KY puppymill

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  • Rita Fazio
    Please circulate! Thanks. ... From: Linda & Mike Bober Sent: Tuesday, July 01, 2003 10:44 AM Subject: [voicesforRahkim] Please keep pressing the media/KY
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      Please circulate! Thanks.
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      From: Linda & Mike Bober
      Sent: Tuesday, July 01, 2003 10:44 AM
      Subject: [voicesforRahkim] Please keep pressing the media/KY puppymill

      We beg of you to please continue to press the media in the appalling case of animal abuse and neglect in KY. Perhaps if it is brought to the national level something will be done and we can get those animals out of the hell they are in! Please see following:

      Letters are needed to help the mill dogs/puppies in KY.

      Please click on the link below, which will take you to the Congress.org web site media guide, for ABC news headquarters. Just click on Compose Message. Either copy, and paste the following letter or write a few lines of your own. Ask the ABC network, to please provide National coverage of this story, to help make people aware of the plight of mill dogs, and this mill in particular. We need more outrage at the plight of these animals.


      ***I also went to www.abcnews.com and emailed every news show they have. I didn't want to take a chance on having it fall through the cracks. Please do the same***
      Also following is the letter I wrote, feel free to use it, in part or in whole if you need to:

      Here is what I sent.
      This message will be sent to:

      � ABC News Headquarters

      Linda Bober
      Chicago, IL 60633
      June 30, 2003
      ABC News Headquarters
      147 Columbus Ave
      3rd Fl
      New York, NY 10023
      ABC News:
      I beg you to please bring this horrid place to the attention of people. There is a deplorable situation unfolding in Kentucky and these animals need your help. Here is the original message I recieved regarding the situation: "We want to know why Laurel County Attorney Keith Early there refused to take action even after TV news crews from Channel 36, an ABC affiliate, filmed the dead and dying animals in with rotting carcasses and a dog covered in flies, maggots and feces giving birth in this filth.

      We want to know why rescue personnel are being required to furnish County Attorney Early with the statutes and Kentucky laws concerning animal cruelty before he will act when he should already be familiar with these laws and should have acted on them already.

      We want action and we want it now. These poor animals must not suffer any longer.

      What does it take to put an end to animal cruelty in Kentucky and the indifference of officials to this suffering?" ________ This came from:Angell Larson Founder, Senior Dog Rescue and Retirement Home 1525 Joe Acree Road Edmonton, KY Phone: (270) 432- 2857 angeltax @ scrtc.com (remove spaces)

      President, ELIPS of Metcalfe County (Every Litter Is Preventable, Spay)

      ______________ This is the person to contact in an attempt to get something done: Commissioner Billy Ray Smith Kentucky Department of Agriculture Capitol Annex, Room 188 Frankfort, KY 40601 Phone (502) 564-5126 Fax (502) 564-5016

      Email ag.web @ kyagr.com (remove spaces)

      ______ The following is the letter I sent to the commissioner:

      To whom it concerns: I received an email which is quoted below. Is this horror really unfolding in Kentucky and no one is doing anything to stop it?? This is deplorable, unacceptable and completely irresponsible. These animals have no voice, they cannot ask for help or call 911. They depend on humans to aid them...humans that brought them into this world. They did not ask to be born, they did not ask to get pregnant with litter after litter of puppies, they did not ask to live in this filth. For a brief moment, read the quote, let the scenario sink in, only replace the dog with a human. No way in hell would women in America be forced to give birth against their will in maggot covered feces so why should these animals? Something needs to be done and it needs to be done immediately! There are a plethora of rescue groups that would help at the drop of a hat...all they need is some legal action. Be the voice for those with none, stop this nonsense and punish the horrid people responsible for it.

      Thank you in advance for your valuable time, Very Sincerely,

      Linda Bober

      Cause4Paws, Illinois

      _______ As you are reading this message these animals are dying. There are people waiting in the wings to help but our hands are tied by legal binds. Please, the rescue community begs of you, please cover this story and give some justice to the animals that have no voice. If you need to contact me, please do so. Thank you in advance for your valuable time.

      Very Sincerely,
      Linda Bober, Cause4Paws, Illinois


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