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  • Rita Fazio
    Message 1 of 1 , Jun 1, 2003
      << "The law allows that [prevents him from having a public criminal record if he completes his community service and probation without incident.] for youthful indiscretions such as these, "His lawyer McElhone said, adding that Guider is very sorry he killed the bird.>>

      Hi, youthful "indiscretions" my eye!!!!!!!! Let's call things by their proper names, this is one of the very worst SADISTIC TORTURING/MURDERINGS!!! Of course this, as many other defense lawyers, would lick anybody's behind for a buck!!! I KNOW - I worked for them for over 25 years! And that the perpetrator is "sorry"??? P L E A S E!!! I'd lock him up FOR GOOD!!! Adela

      ----- Original Message ----- From: "sheila" cheshirekat@...; L. French
      Sent: Sunday, June 01, 2003 1:21 PM
      Subject: LI Teen Pleads Guilty to Torching Parakeet

      (Copied from NY Newsday 5/31/03)

      by Zachary R. Dowdy

      A Shoreham teenager who prosecutors say torched his pet parakeet on New Year's Eve, killing it, has pleaded guilty in Suffolk County Court.

      Timothy Guider, 18, accompanied by his parents, entered a guilty
      plea in Riverhead to the felony charge of aggravated cruelty to animals.

      Guider told Judge C. Randall Hinrichs on Friday that he used hair
      spray and a cigarette lighter to scorch the bird. He said he was at home with
      about 10 friends during the incident.

      As Guider described the incident, answering questions from Suffolk
      Assistant District Attorney Nancy Clifford, she prodded him to admit to
      having burned the bird alive.

      "You knew that was going to set the bird on fire," she said.

      "Yes," Guider replied.

      "And you did set the bird on fire and that's what killed the bird, right?" she asked.

      "Yes," he replied, nodding.

      Guider will be sentenced July 29, after a pre-sentencing investigation by
      the county probation department.

      Guider's attorney, James McElhone, asked that Guider be given 5 years'
      probation, with random drug and alcohol testing and psychological
      assessments and 280 hours of community service as an alternative to 60 days in jail. Clifford agreed.

      Guider also would receive youthful offender status, which effectively prevents him from having a public criminal record if he completes his
      community service and probation without incident.

      "The law allows that for youthful indiscretions such as these,"McElhone
      said, adding that Guider is very sorry he killed the bird.

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