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489[No more animal cruelty] Re: okla-homer

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  • huntfish25
    Mar 15, 2002
      thanks for the info i will get the book. what kind of veggi do you
      plant and how much do you stored for he winter. i want to know. i
      guest you can them right. and do you buy anthing from the stored.
      this is for my info i planted small garden lat year and it suck we
      only got few can food from it i was going to try it aain but dont
      have the tim this year.

      --- In nomoreanimalcruelty@y..., arizonavegan <no_reply@y...> wrote:
      > ok huntfish. if u dont read or understand anything i type, i just
      > u do it on this one. and if u dont like it. go out and buy a book
      > the subject and read that. i know u r on 10 or more different
      > or anti-AR/anti-vegan yahoo groups. and if u wanted to know the
      > information, by know you would already have it. but u just want to
      > argue and make internet wars. so with that u asked about the
      > thing. yes me and my family HAVE lived off of a garden before. so
      > write that down... "Jesse's family has lived off of a garden
      > ok? sorry for being sarcastic but i feel thats the only way to get
      > into your head. In the book Diet for a New Ameria by John Robbins.
      > (if u cared enough to learn u should go buy this book or already
      > it) it says, on average, in a one year time frame for ONE person IF
      > they had a meat diet they used 3.25 acres while a Vegetarian diet
      > only required 1/6 of an acre. so there is ur answer.....
      > for every 16 lbs. of grains and soybeans we feed animals we get 1
      > back of meat. animals eat over 80% of our corn and over 95% of our
      > oats. actually the grains and soybeans that livestock consumes
      > feed the worls 5 times over. (not that any company would feed the
      > world 5 times over but that is the amount of food being consumed by
      > livestock) by raising factory farms and raising animals for
      > consumption we waste 96% of calories, 100% of fiber, 100% carbs.
      > because they are in the food we feed the animals. but their body
      > them then we dont get them back. anyways...
      > there is ur answer. if u dont like it go get a book. i mean why
      > anyone want to eat meat with all the chemicals in it anyways? maybe
      > if u lived like natives and hunted to survive then u would get
      > healthy meat and would be a part of the food chain. but now? no way
      > man....
      > Jesse
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