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Philadelphia In A Few Words - Survey

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  • Christopher Sayer
    Hello, my name is Chris Sayer and I am the Philadelphia editor for a San Francisco-based web site, The New Colonist (http://www.newcolonist.org) which covers
    Message 1 of 1 , Aug 1, 2001
      Hello, my name is Chris Sayer and I am the Philadelphia editor for a San
      Francisco-based web site, The New Colonist (http://www.newcolonist.org)
      which covers urban issues and life. I am a member of this list. Some of you
      know me, most do not. So, here's a little background.

      I served on the board of Old City Civic Association for many years, serving
      as president for two. I am a board member (and one of the founders) of the
      Old City Special Services District and also serve as a board member of
      Historic East Market Street. I was the organizer of our new Farmer's Market
      at Front and Market Streets (which returns farmers to their historic venue
      at the foot of Market (or High Street, if you will). I run the Old City web
      site (http://www.oldcity.org) and also run our list service.

      One of the interesting things on New Colonist is a section called ???? in a
      Few Words (you supply the city). To see how it works, here's the San
      Francisco page address: http://www.newcolonist.com/sffewwords.html.
      To see other cities, go to Archives: http://www.newcolonist.com/archive.html

      The survey is six short questions, each to be answered in one or a few
      words. Simply reply to me (christophersayer@...) and fill in the
      blanks. Please check the reply line on your e-mail to make sure your reply
      is going to me rather than to the entire mailing list.

      If you return the survey, you will be eligible to win a dinner gift
      certificate at one of Old City's restaurants.

      I have cleared this survey with Ed. He thinks, as I do, that it will be kind
      of fun. I will mail results to everyone plus will post it at New Colonist,
      oldcity.org and delawarevalley.org (plus anyone else I can find who wants to
      run it.)

      Thanks for your participation.
      Chris Sayer

      1. If you were to describe Philadelphia in one word, what would it be?

      2. If someone told you they were moving to Philadelphia, what advice would
      you give them?

      3. If a tourist had one hour to spend in Philadelphia, what one thing would
      you tell them to see?

      4. What's the best thing about Philadelphia?

      5. What's the worst thing about Philadelphia?

      6. If you had the opportunity to move, would you? And if so, where would you


      The following information is optional. However, I cannot notify someone if
      they win the dinner without at least an e-mail address.


      E-Mail Address:


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