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Interactive Discussion on Drug Policy

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  • Ed Schwartz
    Philadelphia s Citizens Intervention: Shadow Conventions 2000 Takes On Day Three - - - - - [ Shadow Convention Announcement List ]
    Message 1 of 1 , Aug 1 7:48 AM
      Philadelphia's Citizens' Intervention:
      Shadow Conventions 2000 Takes On Day Three
      - - - - -
      [ Shadow Convention Announcement List ]

      Today we're trying something new on the Shadow Convention website: a live,
      online voice chat, courtsey of Firetalk. Please tune in at 10:30 PST (1:30
      EST) to listen to Ethan Nadelmann, the executive director of the Lindesmith
      Center/Drug Policy Institute, as he gives his speech at the Shadow
      Conventions. Immediately following his speech, he'll be joining us online
      for an online voice discussion:

      The streaming media fest continues, with archived streaming video of
      Monday's schedule. You can also tune in for Sunday's events, if you still
      didn't see those. Highlights on Monday include Granny D, the 90-year old
      woman who walked across the country for Campaign Finance Reform, the Rev.
      Carrie Bolton's rousing speech, and many other interesting comments on
      money in politics from across the political spectrum:

      Don't forget: we are streaming each day's event
      live, as it happens. So be sure to tune in:

      Please thank RealImpact for their help hosting the website and webcast;
      without their support this would not be possible: http://www.realimpact.net

      - - - - -
      The Shadow Conventions 2000
      - - - - -
      Deepak Bhargava
      National Campaign For Jobs and Income Support

      Chuck Collins
      United For a Fair Economy

      Scott Harshbarger
      Common Cause

      Arianna Huffington
      Syndicated Columnist

      Ellen Miller
      Public Campaign

      Ethan Nadelmann
      The Lindesmith Center - Drug Policy Foundation

      Jim Wallis
      Call to Renewal

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      "Citizenship is the American ideal. There may be an army of actualities
      opposed to that ideal, but there is no ideal opposed to that ideal."
      --G.K. Chesterton
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