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not dead yet sorry it has been so long between postings here. it has been a rough few months for me health wise. trying to get back on track. new? well next week we
Mar 1, 2011
new ULTRABUNNY (bunnybrains) and WICKED KING WICKER LP's SPECIAL!! hi folks, the 2 new lp's in the outer bounds of sound series are here, ultrabunny (aka bunnybrains) and wicked king wicker. we're putting them together and
Oct 7, 2009
COLOSSLOTH LP out now, update OUT NOW: Colossloth "Antipathy In Nature" LP Very cool UK Drone, more ambient than metal, but still very trippy. Comes in a silk screen cover and released in
Aug 31, 2009
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SKULLFLOWER, MERZBOW, and WICKED KING WICKER New LPs are HERE hi folks, sorry for not keeping up on the news around the ville. i suck. just finished updating the web site and it also has the new skullflower lp (300
May 11, 2009
KLEISTWAHR (Ramleh/Broken Flag) and BURNT HILLS new LPs out the long awaited new releases in the "Outer Bounds of Sound" LP series are here. KLEISTWAHR (Gary Mundy from Ramleh/Broken Flag) BURNT HILLS (Jack from
Jan 23, 2009
MERZBOW and KK NULL are here!!!! Well, almost. The records arrived today and they look amazing. The Merzbow has 300 copies pressed on a very cool plum colored wax (the rest are black wax).
Nov 30, 2008
november update hey folks, yeah its time for an update. a lot has been going on so i guess it is time to fill you in. first off, the steve moore outer bounds of sound lp will
Nov 2, 2008
Steve Moore, Z'ev, Sponge new releases, updated site, and more OK, FINALLY, the Noiseville web site has been updated with all the new releases listed. The 1st two LPs in the Outer Bounds of Sound series are OUT NOW and
Sep 11, 2008
Re: Steve Moore "Vaalbaara"? ... hey, i'm still getting the hang of this board, so bear with me... the steve moore and the z'ev albums in the outer bounds of sound series should arrive
Aug 21, 2008
Steve Moore "Vaalbaara"? Hello there, Looking to pick this release up when it's available. Please let us know the release date, ordering info, etc. Steve Stuart
Steve Stuart
Aug 21, 2008
merzbow, outer bounds of sound LPs hi folks, first off, i am sorry to those who have written to me over the last month and you haven't gotten a reply. i've been in the hospital with a blood
Aug 21, 2008
Re: howdy hi, any details yet about pre-ordering the forthcoming merzbow lp? saw the add in the august issue of wire...
Aug 4, 2008
howdy welcome to the noiseville group. the main purpose of this is to be a mailing list for folks interested in the noiseville label, to alert then when new releases
Apr 4, 2008
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