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Fusion Audio August Catalog

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  • scheffbd@muohio.edu
    F U S I O N A U D I O R E C O R D I N G S August 2000 Catalog http://www.digital-intersect.com/fusion/ AUGUST SPECIAL OFFER
    Message 1 of 1 , Aug 1, 2000
      F U S I O N A U D I O R E C O R D I N G S
      August 2000 Catalog


      Carried over from June and July, we're once again offering our
      two comps, An Anthology of Noise: Vol. 1 and Infinity Paradox for
      one low price. Buy a copy of Anthology for $10 and get Infinity
      Paradox for $2 more. Two great compilations, a total of three discs,
      for just $12 postage paid (outside North America add $3). Offer good
      while supplies last.

      More special offers to be posted soon.


      Stillstand - Nebel (FUS-004)
      The second full-length album from this minimal-ambient project
      from Martin Steinebach, also of Monoid and Conscientia Peccati.
      Stillstand creates atmospheric soundscapes with stunning skill,
      creating new environments rather than simply mimicking them.
      Limited to 100 copies; only 8 left! Get yours before it's
      gone. Just $6 postage paid within North America.

      R4 - 3xEP (FUS-005)
      Three-disc box set of noise, dark ambient and drones packaged
      inside a hand-painted black case. Styles range from harsh noise
      to tranquil minimalism. Limited to just 30 copies, only 4 copies
      remain. Buy this release and get a free copy of R4's split with
      Jliat. $20 postage paid anywhere.

      Various Artists - Infinity Paradox (FUS-006)
      Critically acclaimed compilation of dark electronics ranging from
      crushing power noise, cold ambience, experimental electro and
      twisted IDM. Features exclusive tracks from Cazzodio, Big City
      Orchestra, Sleeping With the Earth, Suspicion Breeds Confidence,
      Baal, Slave Cylinder, Sult, CAT, ENE, Monoid, Sara Ayers, Eru,
      Disaster Preparedness, dreamSTATE and MRSA-16. Limited to
      200 copies and selling fast! Only $5 postage paid within North
      America; or just $2 when you buy a copy of An Anthology of Noise:
      Vol 1.

      Jorge Castro - La Tranquilidad de tu Presencia (FUS-009)
      Double disc album from Puerto Rico's Jorge Castro, best known for
      his noise project Cornucopia. This is quite different from
      Cornucopia. Two hours of tranquil ambience with an organic feel
      to it. Limited to 50 copies, we have only 14 left. $9 postage paid
      to North America or Puerto Rico.

      Various Artists - An Anthology of Noise: Vol. 1 (FUS-011)
      This 2-disc compilation chronicles ten essential noise acts with
      all exclusive material from Cornucopia, Xterminal, Converter,
      Worldhate, Stolen Light vs. Goose, Grimes, Lefthandeddecision, Laced,
      The Joysticks Battle the Scan Feed Relay To Your Skull and Noumena.
      The first in a series of noise anthology compilations. Limited to
      just 75 copies, we have 17 left. $10 postage paid USA/Canada/Mexico.
      Buy this release and get a copy of Infinity Paradox for
      just $2 more.

      Jliat and R4 - split C30 (FUS-012)
      The first, and so far the only cassette release from Fusion Audio,
      is a split between the UK's renown minimalist Jliat and FAR's own R4.
      Jliat opens with a stunning 13-minute ambient drone, similar to some
      of his older recordings, that's followed by a noisier drone by R4. A
      very minimal release with a very minimal price tag. Limited to 50
      copies; we have 10 left. Just $2.50 postage paid to North America;
      $4 world. Free with purchase of R4's 3xEP.

      Monoid - Schnittstellen (FUS-013)
      This, the sixth release from this German industrial project of Martin
      Steinebach (Stillstand), has received outstanding reviews since its
      release in early June. With this release Monoid takes a more
      experimental approach than previous releases, incorporating IDM
      rhythms and noise into the traditional European electro sound.
      Packaged inside a large foldout cover and sleeve. Limited to 100
      copies. Just $5 including shipping to anywhere in the world.


      To order, send well-concealed cash or check/money order payable to
      Barry D. Scheffel to the address below.

      Fusion Audio Recordings
      6289 Donegal Drive
      West Chester, OH 45069 USA

      Credit card orders are accepted online at:


      Armitage VI - Here Come The Locust EP (FUS-010)
      Follow-up EP to last year's now out-of-print The Grime CD. Will
      feature 30 minutes of new drum 'n' bass, plus several new remixes.
      Due out early this month.

      d.b.s. and R4 - split 7" (FUS-014)
      New side-project from Pain Station and Converter's Scott Sturgis,
      d.b.s., makes its debut on this full-length split 7" single with R4.
      Clear vinyl in a limited edition of 200 numbered copies.

      **COMING SOON**

      Stolen Light and R4 - split cassette (FUS-017)
      Split C60 of noise from Stolen Light from the Zaftig Research label and
      Fusion Audio's own R4. Limited to 35 copies. Release date TBA.

      d.b.s. and R4 - split CD (FUS-015)
      Following up the 7" single, is full-length split CD planned for a
      September release. Only 500 copies of the CD are being made. More info
      can be found on our web page at http://www.digital-intersect.com/fusion/
      or the official d.b.s.page at http://www.sonicdiscourse.net/dbs/


      Martin Steinebach - Heimat (FUS-016)
      Four-disc set featuring three full-length albums, based on a common
      theme, from each of this prolific German artist's projects plus a bonus
      disc of remixes and collaborations. Martin Steinebach has recently
      released new albums under the monikers Conscientia Peccati
      (ritual/neoclassical industrial) on LSDO, Stillstand (ambient) on
      Troniks, and Monoid (experimental industrial) on Fusion Audio.

      Cornucopia - title TBA (FUS-018)
      Plans are underway for a multi-disc set from renown Puertoriccan
      noise artist Cornucopia. Details will be announced in coming

      thanks for reading,

      Barry D. Scheffel
      Fusion Audio Recordings
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