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CDs / 7"s for sale

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  • Thomas Garrison
    Hello, I need to generate some money to move so I selling part of my noise collection. I would prefer to get at least $5 for every release. Please email me
    Message 1 of 1 , Jun 2, 2007
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      I need to generate some money to move so I selling
      part of my noise collection. I would prefer to get
      at least $5 for every release. Please email me at
      garrgal@... with offers. I will accept
      Paypal, money order and cash. I will ship worldwide.
      Here's the list:

      CD Box set:

      Sleep Therapy Treatment By Henrik Nordvargr Bjorkk
      (all eight CDs with a XL Black T-shirt. Everything is
      this release is new condition and has never been
      played / worn. #125 out of 300. Please make an


      Dominator - Back for more
      Coph Nia - That which remains
      Sutcliffe Jugend - Death mask
      Sutcliffe Jugend - We spit on their graves
      Sutcliffe Jugend - This is the truth
      Body Choke - Five prostitues
      Body Choke - Mindshaft
      Vromb - Interluder
      Chaos as Shelter - Dead Air Broadcasts
      Prurient - The History of Aids
      Karjalan Sissit - Miserere
      Karjalan Sissit - Karjalan Sissit
      Land - Opuscule
      Simvlacrvm - Zevgma
      Veinke - Collection III-The Black Summer
      Iburn - Infraharmonics, scald cavities
      Turbund Sturmwerk - Weltbrand
      Steel Hook Protheses - Torturous Anxiety
      Imminent Starvation - Human Dislocation
      Imminent Starvation - Nord
      Winterkalte - Structures of Destruction
      Winterkalte - Drum 'N' Noise
      Mental Destruction - Straw
      Mauthausen Orchestra - Nercofellatio
      Maison ClosE - Maison ClosE
      Whitehouse - Cruise
      Whitehouse - Mummy and daddy
      Whitehouse - Never forget death
      Whitehouse - Dedicated to Peter Kurten
      Whitehouse - Thanks your lucky stars
      Whitehouse - total sex
      Whitehouse - Great white death (special edtion)
      Whitehouse - Birthdeath experience
      Barzel - Topheth Prophet
      Wolf Eyes with John wiese - Equinox
      Autopsia - The Berlin Requiem
      Flutwacht / The sounds of Earth - Poltergeist
      Gelsomina & Squamata - Junkyard Behemoth
      Hive Mind and Luasa Raelon - Night maintenance

      7"s :

      LHD - Hands of the Priestess
      John Wiese/Thurston Moore-New Wave Dust / Jong - split
      Knives - Switchblade Princess
      Sissy Spacek - guitar fluffs & mountain amps 7" plus
      Aaron Dilloway / The Cherry Point - Fencing - split 7"
      LHD - Asthma EP
      Feverdreams / Lefthandeddecision split 7"
      JOhn Wiese - Cat Woman is a Cat Vampire
      John Wiese/Subtitle/Adlib/The Cherry Point 4 way split
      A Fail Association / The Cherry Point split 7"
      The Cherry Point / John Wiese - Pyramid Suites - split
      The Cherry Point / The Secret Society of Sonic Six -
      Split 7"
      The Cherry Point - Superstar '84
      Masonna - picture disc (Self Abuse)
      Irikarah - Get on your kness / conditioned
      Neither/Neither World / Chthonic Force - split 7"
      (Trevor Brown artwork)
      Tribe of Circle - Altered States
      ICK - this is Nihil Tronix
      Rectal Surgery - Actually I tried to fuck his
      CTC - Drowning in the stream of joy
      MOZ - Aonic Deterrent

      Thanks for your time.

      Take care,
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