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804noise Noise Solution Playlist 01-31-2007

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  • 804NOISE
    [download mp3] [ http://www.radio4all.net/proginfo.php?id=21583 ] -Fe-Mail Pretty Song Blixter Toad Asphodel -Zaimph Signal Aggression Sexual Infinity
    Message 1 of 1 , Feb 1, 2007
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      [download mp3] [ http://www.radio4all.net/proginfo.php?id=21583 ]

      -Fe-Mail "Pretty Song" 'Blixter Toad' Asphodel
      -Zaimph "Signal Aggression" 'Sexual Infinity' Hospital Productions
      -Axiomatic Integration "Tune" 'Syntonic'
      -Jessica Rylan "Gravelled Ruts" 'split w/2673' Kitty Play Records
      -Donna Parker "Choppy Waters" 'Black Black Heart' Phase Records
      -Blevin Blectum "Ease" 'Magic Maple' Praemedia
      -Cobra Killer "Heavy Rotation--Like a Tim mix" 'Heavy Rotation 10"' Monika
      -One Umbrella "OIOI" 'Solve' Tell-All Records
      -Barbara Morgenstern "Aus heiterem himmel- Dntel mix" 'himmel mixe 12"'
      -Mu "My Name is Tommi" 'Afro Finger and Gel' Tigersushsi Records
      -Merzbow "Sphere Pt 3" 'Sphere' Tzadik
      -Hive Mind and Luasa Raelon "Night Maintenance" 'Night Maintenance'
      Chondritic Sound
      -Sharks With Wings "A Lovely Goodbye" untitled self produced
      -Rain of Belle Isle "or shelter" untitled self produced
      -KK Null track 11 'Prime Radiant' Blossoming Noise

      804noise Presents: "Noise Solution"

      Noise Solution is an experimental music radio show hosted by 804noise
      which airs from 11:00pm - 1:00am every Wednesday on Richmond's WRIR
      97.3FM, and also internet stream-able at WRIR.ORG. "Noise Solution"
      provides interactive community programming where invited guest hosts and
      dj's from the 804noise community can share their experimental music
      collections with a potential population of 190,000+ listeners, the
      nation's largest served population via low power FM radio. In addition,
      "Noise Solution" plans to conduct in-studio interviews and live
      performances with local and touring experimental artists. For more
      information on how you or your music can be involved, email us at
      noisesolution@.... You can also talk to us live on AOL Instant
      Messenger under the alias "Noise Solution" or by calling (804)649-9737.

      WRIR Richmond Indie Radio
      ATTN: 804Noise Solution
      P.O. Box 4787
      Richmond, VA 23220
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