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804noise Presents: Destructo Swarmbots!!!

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  • 804NOISE
    This is going to be a pretty fucking awesome event. Before Destructo Swarmbots take the stage, Harm Stryker, ConstantMauk, Chefkirk, & Insects With Tits are
    Message 1 of 1 , Jul 31, 2006
      This is going to be a pretty fucking awesome event. Before Destructo
      Swarmbots take the stage, Harm Stryker, ConstantMauk, Chefkirk, & Insects
      With Tits are going to do a massive marathon collaboration. A tag team of
      sorts, solo's and duo's which will all be carefully woven into 4
      individual sets disguised as one. So get there on time or you'll miss it.

      804noise Presents: An Evening of Experimental Music

      Wednesday August 16, 2006
      Art Works [ http://artworksrichmond.com ]
      320 Hull St
      Richmond, VA
      8:00PM [SHARP]
      $3 [suggested donation]
      [ http://804noise.org ]
      [contact] 804.317.1938

      ::::Destructo Swarmbots (PublicGuilt Records)
      [ http://www.destructoswarmbots.com/ ]
      [live video][ http://www.publicguilt.com/ds-northsix.mpg ]
      [live video][ http://www.publicguilt.com/DS-northsix2.mpg ]

      Functioning as a 2 piece, but occasionally appearing as a solo act,
      DESTRUCTO SWARMBOTS has toured extensively, including two US tours(one in
      support of Italy’s ZU) and a European tour in support of New Jersey’s
      avant-hip hop act, DÄLEK, which saw DS joining DÄLEK and German legends,
      FAUST, on stage for an 8 man performance at the Bad Bonn Kilbi festival in
      Dudingen, Switzerland. DS has also shared the stage with GUAPO, THE BUG,

      DESTRUCTO SWARMBOTS has released a self-titled, tour only CD and the full
      length, “2” available on Creepy Dog Eyes. They also remixed the ISIS song,
      “From Sinking”, which appears on ISIS Oceanic Remixes Vol. 4 LP available
      on Robotic Empire and the Japanese edition available on Daymare
      Recordings, which collects all 4 LPs together as a 2CD set. DS recently
      collaborated with Baltimore’s DRUMMACHINEGUN for a release which will see
      the light of day in 2005. DS member, Mike Mare, is also one half of the
      group MUNG, whose
      forthcoming debut, "Dididau," is slated to be mixed by Hans Joachim Irmler
      of FAUST.

      [ http://myspace.com/constantmauk ]

      ConstantMauk is Kelly Nourse of Harm Stryker
      [ http://harmstryker.org ]. Constant Mauk explores the depths
      of minimalism in noise and feedback based manipulation,
      incorporating lo-fi devices such as micro-cassette
      recorders with unconventional mixing techniques.

      ::::Harm Stryker
      [ http://harmstryker.org ]

      Harm Stryker is Kelly Nourse (aka ConstantMauk), & Kenneth Yates. Harm
      Stryker needs no introduction.

      ::::Insects with Tits [ http://myspace.com/insectswithtits ]

      If you'd hooked up a transducer to the key at the end of Ben Franklin's
      kite it might have sounded something like this: A slowly gathering storm
      filled with birdish chirps in the upper-mid and a pea-soup fog of
      bristling drone, until everything erupts into the kind of cleansing rain
      Travis Bickle dreamed of. Dark ambience is the focus but not the rule, as
      there's an earthy beauty inside these howling machines. Cells divide,
      electromagnetism radiates, blood pumps, gravity pulls. It's noise music,
      yes, but the kind that envelops and keeps you company on lonely evenings.

      Insects with Tits is Roger Smith of Chefkirk & Kenneth Yates of Harm
      Stryker, both of Virginia. Their project is an experiment, like the best
      things in life-- a politically and socially explicit venture with a focus
      on vegan action.

      ::::Chefkirk [ http://tibprod.com/chefkirk.html ]

      Chefkirk is Roger Smith (Insects With Tits) a combination of improvised
      drone and harsh electronics squeezed from a minimal arsenal of glitchy
      instruments and feedback loops. The ever prolific Chefkirk, given the
      amount of releases he has produced since the inception of Chefkirk in 2003
      has released records on TibProd, AudioBot, Brise-Cul, ScratchNSniff
      Entertainment, Retinascan, Carbon Records, 804noise and others. Chefkirk
      is a socially and politically charged venture, focusing mostly on the
      issue of animal rights. This theme shows up frequently in Chefkirk
      releases in some form or another, whether it's through quotes, artwork, or
      other abstract conceptions that promote the ethical treatment of animals.

      More information about 804noise and other upcoming events please visit

      804noise Richmond Experimental Community
      PO BOX 4296 / Richmond, VA 23220 / USA
      http://804noise.org | info@...
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