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CONTRA “Enter The Winter” DTECH04 CD Now Released

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  • Schizoid
    June 2005, we re pleased to finally present CONTRA s Enter The Winter CD now for sale online, June 1st 2005. Our next professionally pressed style CD since
    Message 1 of 1 , Jun 1, 2005
      June 2005, we're pleased to finally present CONTRA's "Enter The
      Winter" CD now for sale online, June 1st 2005.

      Our next professionally pressed style CD since 2003's "DTECH03 -
      Various Artists - Rising Tide" compilation, with long time DTRASH
      member, Ottawa, Canada's E. Coli giving us another album of CONTRA
      material, this time we release it as a professionally pressed DTECH
      CD - 11 tracks of impeccable cold and other-worldly post breakcore
      sounds. Digital hardcore power noise sci-fi dreams of the future's
      end, a lullaby of experimental ambience for electronic minds. Visit
      the www.dtrashrecords.com update this month where we present 2 MP3s
      for download from this release, as well as new music videos from DHC

      "Enter The Winter" is available to order online/coming soon through
      these distributors:
      North America: Voidstar Productions (www.voidstarproductions.com)
      Europe: Ant-Zen Distribution (www.ant-zen.com) / Adnoiseam Records

      The CD is also available to order direct from DTRASH Records.
      USA - $10 (in US funds) / CANADA - $12 (in Canadian funds) / REST OF
      WORLD - $12 (in US funds).

      If purchasing with PayPal/credit card and you are a registered
      Paypal user, email money to jschizoid@.... Shipping is
      included in USA/Canada orders. For bigger orders or orders outside
      North America, please write to confirm postage. For money
      order/cash order instructions, visit www.dtrashrecords.com.


      Virus Magazine (www.virus-mag.com)
      "…Creative and intelligent, CONTRA's compositional presence can best
      be described as controlled chaos that never fails to entertain. This
      is also a nice intro to the world of electronic noise, for those who
      might be so inclined to check it out."

      WetWorks E-Zine (www.wetworksezine)
      "…Cadoo meets Alec Empire and they wrestle in a gravel pit. Chopped
      up samples and beats, with over-lapping strings and noises. "Enter
      The Winter" is a symphony for the post-apocalypse. It's beauty and
      chaos side-by-side. If you're a fan of chopped up, chewed on, ripped
      apart, and re-structured tracks this is a release to not miss."

      Gothtronic.com (www.gothtronic.com)
      "Digital Hardcore the way it supposed to "crunch". When was the last
      time you'd hear so many different efx and sounds on one album? These
      instrumental tracks make me wanna move. So many beats make you more
      break than dance 'cuz doing both at the same time will definitely
      break a leg. Innovative rhythms, distorted beats, subtle sounds and
      never annoying breaks and bridges makes it worth every time you

      Space Junkies (www.spacejunkies.net)
      "Combining all the elements from an array of styles contained within
      the walls of the "digital hardcore" genre, such as loops, break
      beats, drones, samples, minimalism, harsh electronic noise combined
      with softer sounds and his ever-notorious classical influences,
      CONTRA, unleashes one of his best works yet."

      Industrial.org (www.industrial.org)
      "…goes a million places and really experiments with the DHC
      template. There is still the rebellious attitude that is at once
      very serious and silly, and the fast beats are here, but the DHC has
      blended in a really nice way with digital noise, glitch, powernoise
      and generally fractured and experimental sounding stuff. A large
      chunk of the tracks have really cool synth melodies in the
      background that act as glue tying together the chaos with a bit of
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