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First Annual San Francisco Bay Area Harsh Noise Festival

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  • G.X. Jupitter-Larsen
    HARSH TIMES call for harsh noise!  The Edinburgh Castle Pub presents the sonic antidote for the future with the San Francisco Bay Area Harsh Noise Festival.
    Message 1 of 2 , Aug 1, 2004
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      HARSH TIMES call for harsh noise! �The Edinburgh
      Castle Pub presents the sonic antidote for the future
      with the San Francisco Bay Area Harsh Noise Festival.
      Of course, noise is always a few steps ahead: at its
      best, it cuts to the chase of musical enjoyment,
      serving simultaneously as aesthetic purification and
      meta-music. The festival, curated by Bob Sato and Tim
      Oliveira of the harshnoise label, promises such
      sublime listening from the likes of: �THE HATERS,
      celebrating 25 years of sonic entropy; Emil Beaulieau,
      America's Greatest Living Noise Artist; SICKNESS,
      purveyor of harsh electronic purity; Control, brutally
      harsh power electronics; R.H.Y.. Yau,
      Noise/Voice/Action by San Francisco's best kept
      secret; The Cherry Point, bloody harsh electronics
      unit trio: Phil Blankenship, John Wiese, and Gerritt.

      Also performing are XOME, Pedestrian Deposit , Clew of
      Theseus, Ohka, Velocity Stack, UFO AS BACTERIA,
      Oscillating Innards, and Stimbox.

      Shows start at 8 PM
      Admission $6 each night. �$10 for both nights.
      Show is 21+
      More info: http://harsh.noisefest.com/

      Saturday August the 7th:
      The Haters (San Francisco)
      SICKNESS �(Hamden, CT)
      Emil Beaulieau �(Lowell, MA)
      Clew of Theseus �(Phoenix, AZ)
      Okha (Portland, OR)
      Velocity Stack �(San Francisco)
      Stimbox �(San Francisco)

      Sunday August the 8th:
      R.H.Y. Yau �(San Francisco)
      The Cherry Point (Hollywood)
      Control (Santa Cruz)
      Pedestrian Deposit (Tulare)
      Emil Beaulieau �(Lowell, MA)
      UFO AS BACTERIA (Santa Rosa)
      Oscillating Innards �(Redwood City)
      Xome �(San Francisco)


      950 GEARY ST (between Polk & Larkin)


      The Mailart Typeface is made up of letters, numbers,
      punctuation marks and symbols by over 120 mailartists
      from around the world. The project was initially by
      invitation to mailartists known for the strong graphic
      qualities in their work. I was assigned the 'delete'
      key to design!



      I knew I wasn't part of mainstream history, but now it
      seems I'm not part of my own history either.

      It was brought to my attention recently that a critic,
      at 2GQ dot org, wrote a review of an essay I did for
      the magazine FO_A_RM. This person clearly didn't care
      for my piece. Which is fine, but this person then
      ended the critique by saying: "...It's just the sort
      of self-indulgent experimental pretension you might
      expect of a writer who uses their contributor bio to
      make sure everyone knows they originated a certain
      performance years before The Haters got around to it."

      Well... need I say more?


      A 25 hour long mp3 for The Haters 25th Anniversary has
      been completed and is available through the label



      PsychForm Records will soon be releasing the CD "Zero
      Is The Journey", a collaboration between The New
      Blockaders and The Haters!


      The latest updates at http://www.noisyvideo.com are
      excerpts from Building Empty Holes in San Francisco in
      1995, the first ever Grinding Gig (Paris 1992), and a
      1997 rendition of Drunk On Decay.

      The bonus clip this month is from a 1994 AMK


      Latest Mystery Box (#42) on eBay:



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