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  • pekkapt
    Hi, the following Musically Incorrect Records releases are now available: (NEW) MIR#20 - Outermost / Guttural Strap-On / Gelsomina-Perkust collaboration 3-way
    Message 1 of 7 , Jul 1, 2004
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      the following Musically Incorrect Records releases are now available:

      (NEW) MIR#20 - Outermost / Guttural Strap-On / Gelsomina-Perkust
      collaboration 3-way split CD-R (5,-)
      Outermost (Japan) has been making harshnoise for ages and his
      contribution here is yet another reason to make you wonder why the
      hell he isn't as famous as Merzbow, Pain Jerk and others?!? Guttural
      Strap-On (Sweden) makes dark ambient so excellent it makes you wonder
      why he isn't signed on CMI?!? Gelsomina-Perkust collaboration
      (Finland) makes you wonder when Finnish noise will become concept
      equal to Japanese noise?!? Limited edition of 100 copies.

      (NEW) MIR#19 - Agonost'ikon: Teofobia CD-R (5,-)
      Raw, gloomy and monotonic space rock with some free noise parts. A
      bit like early Circle but more lo-fi, fucked up and insane. Limited
      edition of 70 copies.

      MIR#18 - Northern Unlights - Musically Incorrect Compilation vol.3 CD-
      R (5,-)
      Ambient, drone, sound collage, experimental and even a bit of a noise
      compilation of Finnish and Scandinavian artists. Featuring: Sindre
      Bjerga (if Neil Campbell had a dip in the Arctic Ocean he would sound
      like this), Perkust (metal junk sound manipulations, less noisy than
      their earlier efforts), Iversen (excellent collage of manipulated
      field recordings and other sounds), Lokustus (darkest possible analog
      synth/guitar drone ambience), Gelsomina (up and coming harshnoise
      artist with more ambient/drone type material) and Ovum (Pan Sonic
      meets darkest ambient). Altogether over 70 minutes of dark sound art.
      Limited edition of 100 copies.

      MIR#16 - Cerebral Pals: Throb For Me CD-R (5,-)
      Do you like guitar noise? Melvins-meets-Cosmonauts Hail Satan-
      like "rock"? Industrial screech? The 'Pals offer them all! Limited
      edition of 70 copies.

      MIR#15 - Verde: Live 2xCD-R (8,-)
      Bizarre electronics, field recordings, broken beats, synthetic and
      organic sounds, etc... meet in the most innovative way. Mika Rintala
      aka Verde has earlier performed and recorded with highly acclaimed
      Finnish experimental acts such as Circle, Ektroverde, Eturivi and
      Kirvasto. This double cd-r set features highlights from four Verde
      live shows between 2000-2003, altogether almost 160 minutes of
      amazing sound art. Essential! (unlimited edition)

      MIR#14 - Uton: Taivaan joka kolossa CD-R (5,-)
      Reissue of Uton's debut full-length that was originally released back
      in early 2001 as a way too limited edition. There are no bonus tracks
      and the cover art is quite similar to the original. Musically this is
      a bit more noisy and restless than Uton's later highly acclaimed
      ambient sound collage works, yet not less amazing. Also essential!
      (unlimited edition)

      MIR#12 - The Nihilistik Kitchen Unit: Zibertousa Revisited CD-R (5,-)
      Great, and I mean Great, rather primitive yet dynamic and brutal
      harshnoise! This cd-r is a re-release of "Zibertousa" tape,
      originally released by Hammasratas back in 2001, with all 6 tracks
      from the original tape + 15min bonustrack of TNKU's newer material +
      a 10min reconstruction of bits and pieces of the original tracks done
      by Gelsomina. Last 10 copies!

      MIR#10 - Russian Vitamins / Eddie Edwards -split CD-R (5,-)
      Fucked up mostly electronic weirdness with retarded sense of humour.
      For true connoisseurs of bad taste! Last 10 copies! Tape version has
      been released by Shitsuck Tapes (http://shitsuck.cjb.net), and it's
      also available from us.

      (NEW) Dilettante's Digest #1 zine 48 x A5 (2,-)
      Featuring interviews with Verde, Uton, Rats With Wings, Hammasratas
      and Fencing Flatworm Recordings, record and film reviews and some

      Postage will be calculated independently depending on the size and
      destination of the order.


      Cash only! Well hidden in an envelope! No checks, money orders,
      paypal, or such major label crap. All prices are in Euro. US$ and UKĀ£
      are also accepted, price will be calculated according to currency
      exchange rate and cost. If you send Euros, coins are also ok, but
      hide them well! We won't be responsible if your money is lost in

      Trades are welcome, but ALWAYS ASK FIRST.

      Cheap wholesale prices for distributors. Ask!

      We also distribute a bunch of releases from other labels. Take a look
      at the current catalogue here:


      c/o Pekka PT
      Puistokatu 3 D 69
      20100 Turku

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