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Rat-Ward art space FEBUARY shows

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    RAT-WARD - Art Hostile - HVA Coming Events for FEBUARY 2004 FEB 16th 7 PM SWORD HEAVEN -Columbus, OH.Gameboy records kids...sound like this: crash! crash!
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      RAT-WARD - Art Hostile - HVA

      Coming Events for FEBUARY 2004

      FEB 16th 7 PM

      SWORD HEAVEN -Columbus, OH.Gameboy records kids...sound like this: crash!
      crash! thud! in other...noise influenced rock band with industrial
      tendencies (think early swans). lots of damaged sound!!! someone once
      said... was "like being hypnotized at a punk show!"...drums, guitars,
      keyboards, samples, effects, tubes, floating symbols, throat and screams
      to convey...sonic mayhem. PALM TREES-HVA total noise and screaming. one
      more TBA.

      FEB 20th 7 PM

      HULK SMASH Hulk Smash is a two piece DIY band from Philadelphia that
      plays it slow and low ...consist of 8 string bass (run through a few amp
      setups), drums with triggers (playing samples of detuned drums and
      explosions), ...both sing (through a processor that adds a chord to our
      voices) and try to play keyboard pedalboards with (their) feet. This is
      not all hulk smash is, but for now it is the easiest way to describe
      (them). ABIKU -Baltimore,MD femme vocaled electro-punk-core-noise! KID
      CAMARO -VA Beach. freaked out IDM-core. SOCIAL JUNK Social Junk is a
      six-armed electronic, buzzing, flashing, geewhizbang of a band from Cross
      Lanes, WV... Social Junk isnt like any other band youve heard before.
      Listening to Social Junk is always exciting, thanks to Social Junks
      amazing electronic brain! Watch tension mount as Social Junk ticks down
      the seconds with their flashing lights and push-button action! Social
      Junk is so advanced that observing a Social Junk entertainment
      extravaganza requires lightning fast reflexes and quick thinking! Social
      Junk is so irresistible and fascinating... witness the six-armed
      addictive action apparatus! Social Junk is laser-fast fun for the whole

      Rat-Ward space / 757NOISE HOUSE

      All shows are FREE!!!
      (suggested donation $3)

      22 South Mallory St. Hampton VA 23663
      -floor 2- (above Bender's Books)




      - - - - - - - - - - - PASS IT ON !!!

      AVAILABLE MUSIC from the AEN label:

      Lotus "Version 2.0" CD -2003- $5 AE005
      The second CD release from this pair of computer nerds. Complete spazzing
      mouths over hard laptop beatings. Dance music for freaks who like to
      rolling around on the floor screaming with undiluted sexual energy. 20
      new tunes!! CD co-released with Breathmint, Ignivomous, Little Mafia,
      Sunship, SNSE, Human Conduct, Yelpco, Roger, Audiobot and Carbon Records.
      edition of 1000,full color inserts. Cardboard sleeve/case. ORDER THIS
      FROM: BREATHMINT.NET "Who is Lotus??? "Grinding, pulsing ugly cartoon
      hardcore with red-ass danse and troll grunts. Using a rerigged Commodore
      64 and 2 mics attached to 200 foot cords, these gentleman conjure perfect
      soundtracks to Itchy + Scratchy or your next Bruce Willis comedy movie
      fight. Audience interaction is a must and I can tell you dear reader that
      these boys get the house humpin, I witnessed 100 art students losing
      their collective virginity to the hot house sounds. My dad likes this
      record!" - MSG (freedom from records)

      Hermit "Urban Myth VS. Common Knowledge" (and other tales of modern living and isolation) CD -2003- 125 copies $5 -AE004
      Electro junk pyscho-delic noise freak out jams and post-human ambience as
      performed by nomadic artist Eric Boros with Marylise Frecheville, Marc
      Van Elburg, and Vincent Vangrevelinghe. Released in co-operation with
      Manufracture, Flenix, and Sounds from the Pocket. Hand screened recycled
      FROM NOWHERE TO NOWHERE..." "Eric Boros/Hermit is a world-nomad whose
      lifestyle involves (constant) moving from Montreal to Istanbul, during
      which he collects the objects with meaning and role for his personal
      voyage and he makes them sound as a contemporary shaman. And the objects
      sound due to his magic, prayer or threatening, and they sound their
      immanent, essential voice for this very occasion, for the nomad will
      travel on, and will sound other things in other places in other times." -

      Prurient / A.S.D. split 7 inch(Hospital Productions / AEN) -2001- 500
      copies $4 AE003
      Prurient does a cut-up sound collage of harsh noise and feild recordings.
      Thick and spastic noise filth. A.S.D. plays dark and decrepit
      experimental lo-fi noise and burnt out power electronics. Also available
      from Hospital Productions.

      All prices are postage paid in the U.S.
      Others add $1 per item.
      Cash, check or money order payable to: Gary Stevens.
      Mail your order to:
      22 S. Mallory St. #1 Hampton, VA 23663 U.S.A.
      _ _ _ (_) ___ _
      | '_ \ / _ \ | | / __| / _ \
      | | | | | (_) | | | \__ \ | __/
      |_| |_| \_/_/ |_ | |___/

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