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New Release: d.b.s. / R4 7"

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  • scheffbd@muohio.edu
    F U S I O N A U D I O R E C O R D I N G S Press Release - August 9, 2000 *NEW RELEASE* Artist: d.b.s. / R4 Title: 7 split Catalog #: FUS-014 Release Date:
    Message 1 of 1 , Aug 9, 2000
      F U S I O N A U D I O R E C O R D I N G S
      Press Release - August 9, 2000


      Artist: d.b.s. / R4
      Title: 7" split
      Catalog #: FUS-014
      Release Date: August 16, 2000

      SIDE A - "Hetandu" by d.b.s.
      SIDE B - "Japan's Northern Territories
      in the Hand's of Moscow" by R4

      A release date for the d.b.s. and R4 split 7" has
      been confirmed at last. This, Fusion Audio's
      first on vinyl edition, will be officially released next
      Wednesday, August 16, 2000.

      For those that missed the original announcement,
      this is the debut of d.b.s., the latest side-project
      from Pain Station and Converter's Scott Sturgis.
      Though some similarities exist between this project
      and Sturgis' other two projects, d.b.s. reveals a
      different side of this brilliant artist's music. Though
      rhythmic elements are quite present in the music of
      d.b.s., expect to find this project to be more ambient and
      down-tempo. Or, as Sturgis has accurately described
      it: "noise-oriented ambient soundscapes, at times very
      harsh and percussive and at other times, subdued."
      But it's not so much style as method that separates
      d.b.s. from Converter or Pain Station. d.b.s. is
      arguably Sturgis' most experimental musical
      endeavor; what makes this project unique is how
      the tracks were composed. Sturgis created these
      tracks using sounds from his own voice as the primary
      source material.

      The 7" split will also be the most widely available release
      from R4 to date following a full-length CD-R released last
      year, a 3-disc set earlier this year, two split tape and
      CD-R releases and various compilation releases--all in
      very limited editions. R4's earliest recordings, dating
      back to early 1997, began as strange techno and IDM but
      in the last two years has progressed to dark ambient,
      harsh noise and beatless minimalism. August 16 will
      also see the release of a C60 split tape with Zaftig
      Research's Stolen Light, also on Fusion Audio. Earlier
      this summer R4 was featured released a CD-R split
      with Stolen Light's minimal-ambient side-project
      Goose (Zaftig Research) and a C30 cassette split with
      British drone artist Jliat (Fusion Audio).

      This 7" single not only will introduce many in the
      experimental underground to the music of d.b.s. and R4,
      it also serves as a preview of more to come. This fall,
      Fusion Audio will release a full-length split between
      these same two artists on compact disc. However, the
      7" contains exclusive tracks that will not be found on
      the CD.

      Pressed on clear vinyl and packaged with a cover designed
      by Canadian graphic artist Ben Didier, this 7" is nearly
      as appealing to the eye as is it is to the ear.

      Only 250 copies of this release have been made, and after
      promo copies and advance orders there are fewer than 175
      left for the rest of the world. Our supply won't last
      forever. Copies can be obtained direct from Fusion Audio.
      The mail-order price will be just $5 including postage within
      the United States, Canada or Mexico. Elsewhere, please
      add $2 for airmail shipping.

      To order: send well-concealed cash, check or money order

      Fusion Audio Recordings
      6289 Donegal Drive
      West Chester, OH 45069 USA

      Credit card orders will be accepted online beginning Monday,
      August 14 at http://www.digital-intersect.com/fusion/.

      As promised, copies are being shipped one week early for
      everyone who placed advance orders. All other orders will
      be shipped beginning August 16.

      For more information on this and other Fusion Audio releases
      visit our web page at http://www.digital-intersect.com/fusion/.

      More info on d.b.s. can be found on the official d.b.s. site
      at http://www.sonicdiscourse.net/dbs/.

      A sampling of Ben Didier's visuals can be found at
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