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  • gordon eatman
    Peter, This summer the coast seemed to be fairly moderate.I m usually freaking about the cold before the first dip into the coast water. I hate those ice cream
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      Peter, This summer the coast seemed to be fairly moderate.I'm usually freaking about the cold before the first dip into the coast water. I hate those ice cream headaches as much as most, but after the first day the 3/4 steamer with booties and hood was good enough ( only user fleece liner once) that it felt good to " occasionally"( ha, 50/50 time in/on water) fall in the water.not much cooler than San Carlos in June. Lots of talented kite surfers, even at Pistol , with a good jibe. Peace Gordito
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      Hey, thanks Barry.  I cherish your trip reports, meterolgical wizardry, and let's not even start on the jealousy I feel about your winter adventures.  Thanks for taking the time to reply to my snide comment, perhaps I've been landlocked a bit too long this summer.  Some of the best wave sailing conditions I've ever been in have been at the OR coast, I'd be there in a heartbeat if I could. (I have a great hooded vest) - steady breeze, consistent, widely spaced swell, almost perfect.

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      WARNING: Below is one of my long-winded rant responses to a short and simple question.


      If you've sailed NM in April - not including Storrie, which is colder - then that's about how cold the OR coast water is. With high relative humidity, compared to dry NM, the sailing is actually warmer. Pistol's water was about 52 and the same for all the other OR coastal spots. My bodyfat is pretty low, like you, and I never had a problem staying warm. I always wear a hood on the coast, but never gloves or booties. And other than a freeze-ass, post sailing derig in the fog at Oceanside, water and air were both in the 50s, shorts and t-shirt/jacket were the usual beachwear both pre and apres sailing.
      The CA sessions I had? Crissy's water was 60-ish, plus or minus 3-4 deg, depending on the flood or ebb tide. The Delta, water was warmer than the Gorge, ~70, and the air was in the 80s.
      I'm not pointing a finger at you, but it seems many use the water temp as their reason for not sailing the CA/OR coast, when there are many other real reasons... Sailing the coast definitely takes a bit of adventure, a healthy ego, flexibility, and a willingness to get out of the comfort rut.
      I'd really like it if the coast was warmer, but the big reward is usually the coast is turned on when the Gorge is baking in a heat wave. But this is America, where one has a choice - Hang in the Gorge [107 in Hood River this week! for some potential flatwater sailing like we have at Storrie], or at least escape the heat and try something different...
      End of sermon,


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      > Great pics Barry, no words about the ice-cream headache water though!
      > peace,
      > Peter

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