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Re:NMRPipe for Windows XP Pro

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  • Chris Rithner
    way cool, Frank. I d like to point out that one safe way to run experimental extensions such as SFU on MS-XP is to invest in a virtual environment and then
    Message 1 of 2 , Jan 31, 2007
      way cool, Frank.

      I'd like to point out that one "safe" way to run experimental extensions such as SFU on MS-XP is to invest in a virtual environment and then build from there.  I'm aware of three different commercial products and there may still be some gnu-level products, too, that are under development:  Virtual PC (Microsoft); Parallels; and, VMWare.  I've used them all and they all have plusses and minuses but the point is that on an appropriate hardware platform (recent issue based on Intel processors) and with a modern OS host (MS Windows, Apple OS-X, and some flavors of Linux) you can build a stable, virtual implementation of XP that can be restored in minutes and so used to test FD's pipe port to XP - or test nearly anything else under XP for that matter.  One desirable feature, perhaps, in this security conscious world is that you can turn off networking partially or completely to the virtual OS without affecting the rest of your host's desktop and applications.  The cost for the software virtualization may be free (gnu, etc.) or it will be relatively low - $50 to $150.  If (when) something goes wrong you kill the VPC, delete it and copy the original back over.

      My host is a Intel Core 2 Duo - based Apple computer running OS-X host with Parallels VPC.  I have a fully patched MS-XP installation (and several others, too) running under Parallels and this is where I'll test Frank's pipe for Windows (Frank also has a very solid port that I'm running that runs natively on my Intel based Apple).  I expect to get about 90% of the full speed on the VPC compared with booting Windows up directly (note to Frank - I don't want to give up my Mac-native pipe software ! ;-) )


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