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Re: nmrDraw on ElCapitano

Thanks for the pointer, Colin — did exactly what was needed to fix an annoying problem we’d run across too. Best, Kevin On November 26, 2015 at 10:36:34
Kevin Gardner
11:26 AM

Re: nmrDraw on ElCapitano

Hello all, I ran into the same problem running NMRPipe on El Capitan. Instead of disabling System Integrity Protection, I used one of the Xcode command line
Smith, Colin
7:36 AM

Re: echo-antiecho HMBC

Thanks, It worked like charm! :) On Tuesday, 17 November 2015, 21:51, "Eric Johnson ecjbruker@... [nmrpipe]" wrote:   Hi
Zoltan Takacs
Nov 24

Re: echo-antiecho HMBC

Hi Zoltan, You need to perform a Hilbert transform to reconstruct the imaginary data prior to applying the magnitude calculation. Here's a script I've used to
Eric Johnson
Nov 17

Re: echo-antiecho HMBC

Hi Zolton, I used the following to achieve good results with hmbcetgpl3nd: nmrPipe -in ./test.fid \ ... -out ./test.ft2 -verb 2 -ov
Sameer Al-Abdul-Wahid
Nov 17

echo-antiecho HMBC

Hi, Does anybody know how to process echo - antiecho 2D - HMBC in nmrPIpe? I have tried adding the -fn MC - di command after the last transpose on the indirect
Zoltan Takacs
Nov 16

Re: 1D bruker processing

Hi All, Simply typing "bruker -auto" in a directory with 1D data will often be sufficient to create an "fid.com" conversion script without any interaction.
Nov 10

Re: 1D bruker processing

Dear Ruben, NMRPipe was intended to process 2- and multi-dimensional data, which in Bruker machines are stored (raw data) in files called 'ser'. The 1-D raw
Nov 9

Re: 1D bruker processing

Thank you for your replay, I understand your comment, so I have another question, in the case of Bruker spectrometer i need to open the "fid" file in the sense
Ruben Auccaise
Nov 9

Re: Slow 2D contour drawing

Hi Ryan, Hi All, Yes, I've noticed this problem too. I'm working on a new Mac port which might help. Stay tuned ... This item is third on the list after 1)
Frank Delaglio
Nov 3

Re: 1D bruker processing

Your script is calling the file hnco_fid_for_frankie but can't find it. Also, your error message references var2Pipe not bruk2pipe. It looks like you are
Nov 3

Slow 2D contour drawing

Dear NMRPipers, Is anyone experiencing slow NMRDraw contour drawing and re-drawing on 2D plots? Is this a mac only thing? Has anyone found a solution to speed
Ryan McKay
Nov 2

1D bruker processing

NMRPipe users: I am a new user of  NMRPipe's tool, and I have a problem. I installed the NMRPipe software, and I tryed to analyse a 1D experiment performed on
Ruben Auccaise
Nov 2

Re: NUS nmrPipe - Topspin 2.1 Echo-Anti-Echo 2D HSQC [1 Attachment]

Hi, Thanks for the beta offer but I think I will try to make the existing version work otherwise I will have no experience how to do it. As it seems now I have
Zoltan Takacs
Oct 22

Re: NUS nmrPipe - Topspin 2.1 Echo-Anti-Echo 2D HSQC

Hi Zoltan, Hi All, Ok, by fabulous coincidence, I'm about to release some new NUS tools and documentation, which is in beta testing right now. The expansion
Oct 21
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