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Re: request for pulse sequence of CON experiment

If you don't see an answer here in the NMRPipe group, I recommend you join Agilent Spinsights, which is still active, and ask your question there. Cheerful
Frankie Delaglio
Apr 6

request for pulse sequence of CON experiment

dear sir, i want the pulse sequence of CON experiment for agilent 700NMR machine and having software VnmrJ 4.0. Please help me regarding this. Thanking --
shrikant sharma
Apr 6

Re: Processing HetNOE spectra

Hi Arun, Oh yer - that processed spectrum you sent looks not so flash. This seems to work for your data and it looks like a hetNOE sat spectrum ie a couple of
Apr 3
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Re: Sine convolution

Text below is from "nmrPipe -fn SOL -help" ... I think this would do it: nmrPipe -fn SOL -fs 2 ... cheerful regards, big fd SOL: Solvent Filter. -mode fMode
Apr 2

Sine convolution

Is there a possibility in NMRPipe of convolving the acquisition fid with a sine function? I have only managed to find options for doing this with polynomials.
Mark Bostock
Apr 2

Re: Processing HetNOE spectra

Dear Arun, Have you tried changing the ûaswap/-noaswap/-swap/-noswap flag? I found I have to use ûaswap for my split NOE and noNOE spectra, regardless of
Tharin Blumenschein (CHE)
Apr 2

Re: Processing HetNOE spectra

Dear Tharin, I already have the separated individual HetNOEspectra which I have tried  to process with my NMRpipe scripts. In Bruker Topspin 3.2 after
Arun Gupta
Apr 1

Re: Processing HetNOE spectra

Dear Arun, Are you trying to process the interleaved spectra, or did you split them first? I normally separate the NOE and the noNOE in Topspin using the
Tharin Blumenschein (CHE)
Mar 31

Processing HetNOE spectra

Dear Frank and Pipers, I tried to process one Bruker  2D data set for HetNOE experiment which was acquired in interleaved manner. However when I tried my
Arun Gupta
Mar 31
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Re: NMRPipe, Sparky, ... etc in MacOS Yosemite

Hi All Erik has followed up with this news ... Thanks, Erik! Turns out that reinstalling XQuartz makes NMRPipe and Sparky etc fast again on Yosemite.The
Mar 16

NMRPipe, Sparky, ... etc in MacOS Yosemite

Greetings, Dear Pipers, Erik Zuiderweg was kind enough to share this information about Mac OS X ... Erik also reports that nmrDraw seems to run more slowly on
Mar 9

Re: Creating and integrating user defined/customized function into N

Hi All, Jana had asked me this good question behind the scenes, and was kind enough to post it here so that we could all share the information that follows ...
Feb 26

Creating and integrating user defined/customized function into NMRPi

Dear Dr. Frank Delaglio, Recently, i have been working on a algorithm (researching) which performs 'denosing'. I would like to incorporate this program with
Feb 25

Re: {Disarmed} Re: {Disarmed} Re: [nmrpipe] Extract a column

Hi Frank, many thanks. I will look in detail at the examples you suggest. Thanks again, Marco ... Dr.Marco Sette, Ph.D. Department of Chemical Sciences and
Feb 24

recent publication: Protein-RNA specificity by high-throughput princ

Dear Pipers, Recently, our colleague Geoff Kelly let me know about a recent publication of his, because it happened to use some NMRPipe-related software.  So,
Feb 17
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