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Email Kudlow reminder.

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  • Genie Hayes
    Thanks to the 100 or so folks who have already done this over the past week. If you have not emailed Kudlow yet this week or last – please do so before the
    Message 1 of 1 , Jul 12, 2005
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      Thanks to the 100 or so folks who have already done this over the past week. If you have not emailed Kudlow yet this week or last – please do so before the end of the week.

      Thanks for all that you do!

      Genie Hayes



      Dear FairTax.org volunteers,


      Nearly 3 weeks ago Connie Mack of the President's Federal Tax Reform Panel was on "Kudlow & Company" on CNBC.  Although Mr. Kudlow expressed surprise that anyone supported the NRST tax reform proposals, we think he was being a little coy.  Mr. Mack, however, very positively affirmed that many people "support the national sales tax".  We would like volunteers to send an e-mail this week to Mr. Kudlow encouraging him to look at the FairTax proposal and thoughtfully consider it.  We hope to meet with him in the future and your e-mails can help. We are trying to get in about 10 emails a day to him.  If you do not email him today – please feel free to do it tomorrow or the next day.


      Here is what we suggest you include in your e-mail.


      Ø      Open with "Dear Mr. Kudlow" or "Mr. Kudlow."

      Ø      Mention that you're aware (or you saw) that former Sen. Connie Mack was a guest on his show (President's federal tax reform panel).

      Ø      Mention that Mr. Mack said there was a lot of support for the national sales tax.  You can add to this to let him know how large the grassroots support is or how committed we are, etc.

      Ø      Tell him that the FairTax (H.R. 25/S.25) is the best version of the national sales and give several reasons why you believe that. (You can go to www.fairtax.org and look at the FAQs for specifics.)

      Ø      Thank him for talking about tax reform on his show.

      Ø      Use a nice closing like "Sincerely" or "Respectfully," etc.

      Ø      Include your name, city, state, and e-mail address.


      Make your e-mail concise and to the point.  You don't have to be formal but check spelling and grammar.  Mr. Kudlow is more likely to read a well-written e-mail and, of course, it reflects better on all of us.  Send your e-mails to: Kudlow@....  Please forward your emails to info@.... so we can keep track of how many we get in.


      Thank you!

      Gloria Garza

      Media Coordinator

      P: 1-800-FAIR-TAX (324-7829), ext. 106

      F: 713-963-8403


      Americans for Fair Taxation

      www.fairtax.org  Check out our website!


      "If we were to get rid of... the income tax and the payroll tax and all compliance costs, we would be so ferociously competitive in a world economy that corporate America would not be competed with unless foreign corporations started building their plants in America."


      Congressman John Linder, (R. - Ga.) commenting on the wealth reaped from eliminating the Internal Revenue Service and replacing it with the FairTax.




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