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  • Aaron Schutte
    First of all, thanks to everyone for being active FairTax supporters. We really appreciate everyone who takes the time to promote the FairTax. To keep the
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      First of all, thanks to everyone for being active FairTax supporters. We really appreciate everyone who takes the time to promote the FairTax.


      To keep the Yahoo group traffic focused, here are some guidelines which volunteer moderators around the country have asked that you comply with.


      -Although FairTax supporters range the political spectrum, HR 25 is a single issue bill and we have to keep the focus on the subject that everyone agrees on; the need to replace the current horrible system of federal taxation with the FairTax. The Yahoo Groups should remain single issue as well.


      -Make sure what you post is easily understood to avoid confustion before it’s posted to the whole group.


      -You might not get a concise answer to a specific FairTax question on the groups. Make sure you’re familiar with the FAQ’s at http://www.fairtaxvolunteer.org/smart/faq.html and for additional info on the FairTax, you can go to http://www.fairtax.org/research.html and see the results of the $22 million plus in research that has gone into the FairTax.



      Also, our Executive Director, Tom Wright, recently put together guidelines for the Yahoo groups so that we could maximize the number of people who would join to network and coordinate state strategy:


      1. We are not going to post attacks on the FairTax.

      2. We are not going to post personal attacks on FairTax supporters.

      3. We are not going to post questions that are easily answered by reading the FAQs or research at www.fairtax.org.

      4. We are not going to post anything that is insulting, off color, or containing expletives. Period. There will be IMMEDIATE banning for someone sending ads or blatant porn or bigoted messages.  There will be an established number of warnings before suspension and then permanent banning, for someone who:  Repeatedly gets off topic [e.g. Iraq , gun rights., etc and/or Is disruptive to the discussions.

      5. When replying to a previous email instead of including the entire previous email just provide a "clip." 

      6. Think before you post. Could your message be directed to an individual rather than to the entire group? If so, enter the e-mail address of the individual into the To: field and delete the group address. This will dramatically reduce the number of messages posted. If you would, provide a website to a news story instead of the entire story.

      7. Send "attaboys" or “good point” to the e-mail's author only, not the entire group.

      8. Be Respectful of other members and elected officials - it serves no useful purpose to offend anyone.

      9. Your comments should avoid partisanship. (That may alienate members)

      10. Your comments should avoid bashing individual political candidates.  (That may alienate some members).

      11. Comments should be applicable to general group audience. (Please, please minimize postings).

      12. Please refrain from posting copies of every letter that you send to representatives, candidates, etc, unless there is something to be learned from the context of your message, such as a thread containing a reply from an elected official, for example, stating their support, or lack thereof, for the FairTax.    

      13. Please become familiar with the FairTax by first studying the context of the plan, which is explained in detail on the website. Anyone who persists in making false statements or negative comments regarding the FairTax plan in an obvious effort to thwart our volunteer efforts will be banned from the group. This is NOT an issue of free speech as anyone can form their own Yahoo! Group.


      If you have any questions or thoughts about the Yahoo! Groups or the FairTax, you can always contact your state and local leades. I can also be reached by email at aaron.schutte@... or you can give me a call anytime.


      Thanks again for your continued work toward making HR 25 law,



      Aaron Schutte

      Grassroots Special Projects


      1-800-324-7829 x114

      "If we were to get rid of ... the income tax and the payroll tax and all compliance costs, we would be so ferociously competitive in a world economy that corporate America would not be competed with unless foreign corporations started building their plants in America."

      -Congressman John Linder, (R.-Ga.) lamenting on the wealth that could be reaped from eliminating the Internal Revenue Service and replacing it with the FairTax.


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