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Fw: [dc_crew] Spanish Harlem Orchestra and Salsa class--May 4th

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  • Veronica Morales
    This is another forwarded message. I received it from DC Crew. If you are interested in the Spanish Harlem Orchestra or in learning how to get involved with
    Message 1 of 1 , Feb 2, 2008
      This is another forwarded message.  I received it from DC Crew.
      If you are interested in the Spanish Harlem Orchestra or in learning how to get involved with the Puerto Rican community in the DC/MD/VA area, please read below.

      Veronica W. Morales

      J.D. Candidate 2008

      University of the District of Columbia

      David A. Clarke School of Law
      (914) 309-6919 (Mobile)

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      Subject: [dc_crew] Spanish Harlem Orchestra and Salsa class--May 4th

      Anyone interested? I know may is far away but I am getting tickets for this for sure! Sooner rather than later!
      See attachment!

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      MAPEN (Maryland Association of Puerto ricans of the EasterN section of
      the USA) is an informal group composed mainly of Puerto Ricans that live
      in the Maryland/Virginia/D.C. area.  Our objective is to help one another. 
      A restricted mailing list allows us to keep in touch.  If you want a message to be
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      IMPORTANT: messages sent to mapen@... will not be received by the group.

                  The following are considered valid messages that will
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      1. Announcements of local activities of interest to the Puerto Rican community.

      2. News/Information about Puerto Rico.

      3. Requests for information related to a personal matter.

      4. Please try to keep messages as small as possible.  Large files fill
        mailboxes quickly and some accounts (e.g., hotmail) have a set quota.

      5. No chain letters, no jokes.

      6. If you have any doubts about the message you want to send, feel
        free to get in touch with Nelson.

      7. If you want your e-mail address to be added to the mailing list visit the site: http://mailman.cs.umd.edu/mailman/listinfo/mapen

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