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      Immigrants' Rights Week 2007

      Sponsored by the Immigrants' Rights Coalition (IRC)
      American University, Washington College of Law
      NOVEMBER 12 - 16

      MONDAY: 11.12.2007

      Peoples' Histories of Immigration
      Time:12:00 - 1:20
      Room: JD Lounge

      Why have immigration histories in the US seen periodic
      liberalization of
      immigration policies for some groups while other groups are
      ignored, and attacked? How have the politics of immigration changed
      throughout the last century?

      This panel will provide a critical analysis while interweaving
      narratives to provide a "Peoples' Histories of Immigration."
      will explore the political and social backlash against immigration
      have shaped exclusionary, xenophobic and anti-immigrant legislation
      throughout the last 150 years. Through the peoples' histories of
      immigration, panelists will show how the current "immigration debate"
      expands a governmental policy of discrimination and isolationism, in
      attempt to ask how we as a legal community can help to humanize
      immigration into the future.

      Speakers include: Franklin Odo, Director of the Smithsonian Asian
      Pacific American Program, and Alan M. Kraut, Professor of History at
      American University in Washington, D.C, The Center for Immigration
      Studies. Moderator: Professor Jayesh Rathod


      TUESDAY: 11.13.2007

      Legally Alienated: The Interrelation between the Judicial System and
      Immigrant Mental Health Resources.
      Time:12:00 - 1:20
      Room: 402

      The panel will focus on the need for an incorporated mental health
      system within the adjudication process, the lack of counseling and
      mental health resources within the court system, and the effects
      mental health care, be it prior to or following adjudication, would
      on immigrants. Panelists will address important issues such as
      or nor mental health care in schools would affect crime, whether
      rehabilitation and mental health care after adjudication would make a
      difference in future crime and whether mental health care, either in
      place of or along with incarceration, would specifically impact the
      immigrant community.

      Speakers include Judge Marielsa Bernard, Montgomery County Circuit
      Court. Mrs. Aidil Diaz-Garcia, a Licensed Professional Counselor
      and a
      Certified Sex Offender Treatment Provider in Virginia, and Dr.
      Ruth, an associate professor of clinical psychology at George


      WEDNESDAY: 11.14.2007

      Voices from the Margins: Displacement Narratives from Around the
      Time: 4:00-6:00
      Room: International Student Lounge, 6th Floor,

      Around the world, individuals and entire populations are displaced
      their homes and communities by conflict and natural disaster. Each
      displaced person has an experience that is at once her own and common
      with many others. Join the Refugee and Asylum Committee of the
      Immigrants' Rights Coalition for an afternoon event highlighting
      individual refugee narratives and offering information on major
      displaced populations from around the world. During the first hour,
      three refugees will share their narratives with those in attendance
      an informal discussion. In the second hour, attendees are invited to
      engage with representatives from major NGO's to learn about six of
      world's major displaced populations.

      Food from each of the countries represented will be served.

      THURSDAY: 11.15.2007

      "Casualties of a Broken System: Deaths and Medical Disasters in
      Immigration Detention"
      Time: 12 pm
      Room: 602

      What happens to the 300,000 people that U.S. Immigration and Customs
      (ICE) detains each year? Who are they? How long do they spend in
      What happens if a person develops a serious medical condition or dies
      while in ICE custody? Are recent deaths isolated incidents or
      of a systemic problem?

      The Immigrants' Rights Coalition Detention Committee invites you to
      explore the answers to these questions at our panel. Tom Jawetz of
      American Civil Liberties Union (ACLU) National Prison Project, Megan
      Mack of the American Bar Association (ABA) Commission on Immigration,
      and Andrea Black of Detention Watch Network will discuss the
      and egregious problems with medical care for immigration detainees in
      this country. The panelists will also draw on their own experiences
      discuss how litigation and legislative advocacy can be used as tools
      advocate for immigrants in detention.



      IRC HAPPY HOUR: All proceeds to support Asylum Access' Refugee Legal
      Project in Quito, Ecuador
      Time: 5 - 8 pm
      Location: Meze; 2437 18th St. NW, Washington, DC 20009

      Questions: irc.cochairs@...

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