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499HNBA Mid-Year Conference in San Diego, CA

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  • Iggy
    Feb 13, 2010
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      The Hispanic National Bar Association's mid year conference will be held in San Diego from March 4-6 (Thurs. - Sat.).

      LLSA is looking to send at least 6 members to the conference. The flight, hotel, and rental car will be covered by LLSA. The registration fee of $195 may be covered by LLSA, depending on SBA/UDC budget regulations (be prepared to pay this amount, just in case). Part of the registration cost may possibly be subsidized after the conference.

      The group would leave Thursday morning on March 4. If you are interested in attending, please email Iggy (jose.tissera@...). For information on the conference and the topics to be discussed, visit the HNBA website (http://www.hnba.com/).