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491Taste of Latin America/Health Care Debate!

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  • Iggy
    Jan 25, 2010
      This Thursday, January 28th, is the FedSoc/WLS Health Care debate, catered by LLSA!

      If anyone would like to prepare a dish, please let me know AS SOON AS POSSIBLE!! Be sure to keep your receipts and email me how much you spent, because FedSoc will reimburse us for our expenses.

      The food list so far is as follows:

      Jessica Acosta - Rice
      Aida Vindell - Potato Salad
      Richard Luchs - Chips & Salsa
      Yesenia Rivera - Flan
      Alia Cambel - Tostones
      Jose Tissera - Empanadas

      Email me ASAP with any food contributions and receipts (jose.tissera@...)