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  • Nelisbeth Sanchez
    Jan 9, 2009

      I graduated in 2007 and I am looking for a law clerk to help out at my law office. The job would allow the person to get experience doing research along with helping to organize some of our files. Our previous law clerk Beth Donchez (a 2L) is leaving us and we are looking for her replacement. Our case load consist of family law, immigration, business law, bankruptcy, real estate, land lord tenant, estate planning, and other civil litigation. Our offices are two blocks away from the Silver Spring Metro. If anyone is interested please send me your resume.

      For those that do not know me on this list-serve... As a 3L, I was the President of this organization at school.

      Nelisbeth Y. Ball, Esq.
      The Law Office of Abebe & Ball, LLC
      8720 Georgia Avenue, Suite 1000
      Silver Spring, MD 20910
      Tel: 301-328-7957
      Fax: 301-328-7958
      Email: mylawyer@...
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