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Re: [txfairtax] Success on at least one front

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  • Bill Rook
    Thank you for your support of the Fair Tax and the BOINC Challenge. We are now a top 50 team. Wow! Great success in just 10 days. ... I think it intrigues us
    Message 1 of 1 , Jun 5, 2006

      Thank you for your support of the Fair Tax and
      the BOINC Challenge. We are now a top 50 team. Wow! Great success in just 10 days.

      On 6/3/06, Patrick Zeinert  wrote:
          I honestly don't know why this intrigues me so much, but the "BOINC" experiment has been rather successful.  In one week (since last Saturday morning) the Fair Tax Team (FairTaxScorecard.com) has progressed rather well.  I joined as member 35 when the team was ranked 95 and in the past week, we have added 16 members and jumped 39 spots (51 members and a ranking of 56).

      I think it intrigues us because it is a chance to see actual progress. We are marching in a virtual online rally. It is rewarding to see progress passing the other teams. The online community can see our success and we will get their attention. When that happens, we will get new Fair Tax supporters. 

          We are ranked 42 in total membersAt this moment, the way the rankings are calculated we would need about 320 more members to break into the top 10 teams (based on score, not total members), but in reality it should take less than that.  Not the best idea for promoting the FairTax, but it is something you can do without thinking (as detailed below).

      While this is not an end all solution, it lets our computer volunteer and promote the Fair Tax when we don't have the time. It is just like bumper stickers. We let our cars volunteer while we drive around town! We need to use all of these novel advertising ideas that we can find.

      P.S.  As a college student, I notice that many students have high end computers and are almost always connected to the internet via hi-speed ethernet connections in the dorms or apartments.  If you know a college student or are one yourself, this program is ideal.

      They sure do have fast new computers. However, the slower computers also help our team. We get more people in our march and every bit of computer power helps. Also, an Internet connection, even dialup, is only needed once every 3-10 days to get new work and upload results.

      I challenge everyone to find one other person to join one of our Fair Tax BOINC Teams this week.

      Bill Rook

      The original message:

      What do medical research, Fair Tax, and the search for extraterrestrial life all have in common? BOINC!

      Are you as busy as I am? I have found a way to promote Fair Tax while I work, relax, and sleep.  No, this is not one of those miracle diets, and yes it sounds too good to be true – but it is true. The Fair Tax project needs to quickly reach as many people as possible, and this is an easy way to help. Many other Fair Tax supporters have already joined.

      BOINC, Berkley Open Infrastructure for Network Computing, allows me to increase my productivity by multitasking. While I am sleeping, attending Fair Tax meetings, going to Fair Tax rallies, and spending time with my family, my computer is promoting Fair Tax AND doing research for science.  

      The BOINC Fair Tax teams are competing against other teams as diverse as the US Air Force, fraternities, and MENSA. This gives Fair Tax exposure to many other demographic groups.  Other competitors can follow the links from our Fair Tax teams to FairTax.org and learn about the Fair Tax. This is FREE advertising for Fair Tax.   


      It will take about 15 minutes to set up this safe and simple program on your computer. Then, create a user profile focusing on Fair Tax. Then, go to the beach, and feel good knowing your computer will be promoting Fair Tax and helping science during your computer's otherwise idle time.

      Please, join a Fair Tax team in the BOINC Challenge today and help us get Fair Tax to the top of the list. If you have and questions, I am happy to help.

      See FairTaxScorecard.com/ boincchallenge.phtml for more information.


      Bill Rook, MBA


      Participate in the Online FairTax Rally!

      Have a Great Day.


      Participate in the Online FairTax Rally!
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