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Fw: [FAIRTAX_DD] Conversation with Rob Woodall

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  • Jim Bennett
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      Subject: [FAIRTAX_DD] Conversation with Rob Woodall


      To all:
      I know there has been some controversy surrounding the hearings held last week in W & M, and I discussed them with Rob.  He gave me a different perspective than I had previously and he gave me permission to share his thoughts with all of you.

      First of all, he did not see the selection of those who testified as a deliberate attempt to give the FairTax a weak showing at all.  He said that his office had worked closely with Mr. Camp's office and they were trying to be as cooperative as possible.  He did say that the last minute addition of Dr. Tuerck was a very positive development for us.  He also said that his office had been trying to clear up confusion over Dr. Kotlikoff's Purple Tax proposal, but he thought that he has done a good job showing the positive aspect of the FairTax for Democrats.  I had expressed concerns relative to the VAT people having more people testify than we did and they did not even have a bill in congress.  Rob said that
      1.  It was good that we were first; this is the slot usually reserved for the more serious proposals.  He said that quite a few people left after the first panel (ours) was over and that the second panel had a smaller audience, which is not unusual for these proceedings.
      2.  We were better off having fewer people testify since we had a better chance of giving our best people more time to respond to their questions,
      3.  It isn't unusual for congress to hear testimony from the supporters of a particular public policy initiative with no bill in congress.
      As to "where do we go from here", he said that he expects a great deal of debate and discussion on fundamental tax reform between now and the end of the year.  He thought that the FairTax would have more opportunities to make their case before legislators. 

      All in all, he was very encouraged and thought it was a step forward.  I just thought that some of you might find his perspective as enlightening as I did.

      Phil Hinson
      Volunteer Regional Director - SE
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