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  • Jim Bennett
    Some photos from the Arizona TPP Conference showing the FairTax booth. ~Jim ... From: Gary Anderson [mailto:garyranderson@yahoo.com] Sent: Monday, February 28,
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      Some photos from the Arizona TPP Conference showing the FairTax booth.
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      We were SO-O-O-O busy, I only had time for these six photos of our booth.  Our 20 x 22 booth was front and center as you entered the hall, adjacent to the Tea Party Patriots booth.  You'll notice it looks a bit "spartan", but that's because we let people in, to SIT DOWN  (oh, how thankful they were, for a chair!) ...to get a personal powerpoint explanation of the FairTax with our new video projector and 5 x 4 screen (capable of much larger) ... and TONS of FREE materials, all provided by volunteer donations.  AZ FairTax was in "Premiere" position to the many from the Phoenix and SW region, and FairTaxKC right on point also.  The people REALLY appreciated being recognized by our local FT orgs, and got a grasp on how massive the FairTax movement truly is.  Many didn't know that our bill was scheduled for debut on the house floor very soon, by our very own Rep. Rob Woodall R-GA  -- as much "tax" discussion is limited to tax whinings and wishings about this and that; BUT NOT FairTax!!!  Also, they didn't know that in a comprehensive listing of "potential Presidential candidates" there were 6 who espoused the FairTax.   People left knowing who had answers for them, and who could document every fact.  In all, we had AT LEAST 30 volunteers who worked the crowds feverishly.   Even those who weren't interested in the exhibits got a huge dose of FairTax, as they went in and out of the main auditorium. FairTax overwhelmed all other issues, and was celebrated by MOST within the TPP organization. 
      And, for myself, in my typical "clownish style" SUBLIMINALLY INSERTED "the FairTax message" into their minds with my FairTax-"FAIRTUX", which they got a charge out of, while receiving one of a thousand or more business-sized cards, which got handed out as quickly as hands could deal them  --Just to show them that OUR tax plan is simple enough to say in a shorter-than-yours format-- The other guy's plan being touted as fitting on a postcard. (I'll share the files for these later)
      The crowd size was however, smaller than desired, with planning for 5,000 and hopes for up to 7,000 unrealized at  somewhere around 2,400 -- due to the Obama depression.  The vast halls were effectively used, the four camera plus boom-cam, and three jumbo-trons gave us quite a show.  At home, over 2,000 subscribers tuned in with a likely 5,000 online viewership.  My guess is that TPP may have very well taken a small bath on this event, unless the after-marketing rally of tee-shirts and massive amount video content succeed.
      The ONLINE Polling for the Presidential Straw poll, was predictably taken by Ron Paul, because of his "highly obedient" network of texting savvy people, but the IN-HOUSE preferred Herman Cain.  The FairTax debate was won hands-down over the same old lame misrepresentations, and even helped along by the Cato Institute saying that FairTax was a more ordered plan, but a flat-tax "good also".  As for the results;  the photos show a resounding 52% FairTax, 15% flat-tax (other, both, none, or don't know at 32% combined)  But, even those numbers could be skewed, since the initiating of the poll was redone several times.  The first texting poll showed that FairTax had WON by a whopping 64% to flat-tax 10%, but had to be redone since many didn't have text ability.  Would THAT have signaled TPP to offer or even alude to issuing a "POLICY STATEMENT"?????  ---Unfortunately NO.  TPP continues to want to play both sides of the fence, which I would interpret as the 15% who still seem to prefer an Income based tax, and the Ron Paul's "no -tax" who are estimated at 15% also.  Is it WORTH FairTaxer's raising a "farcus" over this??  --Probably not, since the numbers show who's the big Magilla for the second time. 
      Gary R. Anderson

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