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FW: [ilfairtax] FairTax Book signing report

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      The schedule for book singings during the month of Aug can be found at:


      What a wonderful evening at the Buckhead Barnes & Noble.  The 
      manager, Deborah Lott, was so gracious and helped us set up a table 
      at the front door to be able to great the people coming in for the 
      book signing.  And they came in faster than we could handle them with 
      5 or 6 people around our table signing the petitions in a constant 

      The employee handing out the tickets for the book signing indicated 
      that they printed 400 of them and probably had given out 350 or so!   
      The crowd was so large that it spread out to the middle of the store 
      when Neal and John Linder were speaking!

      We gave out all 200 petitions and got about 100 of them signed and 
      returned to us before the store manager indicated to us that she 
      couldn't allow us to do the petition signing in the store.  We could 
      give them out, but couldn't ask people to sign!  So, that was 
      okay.... a lot of people said they would also go to the web site to 
      sign up and I sent them out with pocket cards and bumper stickers!   
      I met so many wonderful people who were all so excited about the 
      plan.  I encouraged each one to go out and get ten more people 
      excited about it and send them to the web site to sign the petition.

      So much enthusiasm from the crowd there, I can't wait for the rally 

      Angela Bean
      Fayetteville, GA


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