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  • Kevin Haddock
    Jus’ Doin’ Bidness or How to use the Negotiable Instruments Law to Solve Almost All Life’s Little (or not so Little) Problems by: Kevin Haddock
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      Jus� Doin� Bidness


      How to use the Negotiable Instruments Law to Solve Almost
      All Life�s Little (or not so Little) Problems


      Kevin Haddock

      Copyright � 2000, Kevin Haddock, All Rights Reserved

      This book available through the website:



      Are you sick and tired of the way things are going in society, your life, and the lives of your families and friends from the standpoint of legal justice and the moral standard that seems to be being set by our legislatures/legal system?

      Do you think that injustice is running rampant and there just doesn�t seem to be anything anyone can do about it?

      Do you think that participating in the political process, community service, modern religious movements, etc... seem to be somewhat empty exercises, not really getting to the core of this world�s actual problems.

      Do you feel that power elite and mega-corporations are somewhat akin to a 900 lbs gorilla sitting in the middle of the living room and that neither the government, media, churches, military, etc... is able/willing to do anything about their abuses?

      Do you feel something fishy is going on and things are not as we would be led to believe they are on the surface?

      If so then you are at the right place. Here you will learn what system of rules is REALLY controlling things and what you can do to make a significant change. First you should apply this change for yourself, then for your loved ones and friends. Those who wake up to the value of what you are offering and who have the mental capability should have this information passed along to them so this knowledge will spread. As soon as this knowledge is generally known, those who are already being irresponsible with it will be held to account. Unlike what THEY (e.g. government, elite, mega-corps, etc... those who created and installed this system of rules) would like us to think, the problems we face as a society is not due to our irresponsibility and corruption, but theirs. What you will learn is that we have all been placed on the �honor system� by the most dishonorable men alive! Once you see it, you can clearly identify their manipulation and exploitation by commonly available texts such as �Looking Out for Number One, by Robert Ringer�, �The Addictive Organization�, and �Pulling Your Own Strings, by Dr. Dwayne W. Dyer�. The best thing about it is you will be able to turn the tables and start holding your head up high while these scoundrels run for the rat hole once you shine the light of truth on their diabolical little games. There will be no place to hide, however, because once you learn this system of law (better than most of them know it, by the way) there will be ultimate accountability. The tables will be turned, and where before you and your loved ones were made into commercial outcasts, unable to function and conduct business, now that will be them!


      This work has derived from seven years of my personal study and from many lifetimes of study on the behalf of far more talented self studied lawyers than I. I think, though, that I have found something that they have not. As was once said �all truly successful men get there by standing on the shoulders of those who came before�. I am one of these. <actual names and their contributions to be added later>


      This process is a simple one. It consists of the following steps:

      1. you are wronged by someone.

      2. you send them my special invoice for the injury couched in the form of some service or product you sold them.

      3. they either don�t respond or do with something akin of the �sosueme� defense (e.g. you can �eat cake�, or some other anti-constitutional B.S.)

      4. that answer allows you to arrange for payment to yourself in their behalf (e.g. agency).

      5. you launder the payment by selling it to someone capable of enforcing it free from almost every defense.

      6. you laugh all the way to the bank.


      Q. What do you mean by �special invoice�?

      A. This invoice bills them for what they did to you in a special way. You must couch the line items as a service or product that you sold them. For instance, if they towed/impounded your car, you sell it to them. If it�s been awhile, you might want to charge them rent to boot. The invoice gives the other party several options for payment. They can give you due process by proving to you they have the right to retain the car under a) public law (e.g. law obligatory on everyone), b) private/contract law, or c) martial law (national emergency). The early 1800�s U.S. supreme court case of �Bank of Columbia v. Oakely� said one could contract away their due process rights. If they refuse to give you due process, then �perhaps� (or �certainly�) they have used the new, slippery law of agency to contract away those due process rights in your behalf. If that is so, then you will assume those same agency rights over them to �sign their check�.

      Q. I thought an agent could not work for someone with adversarial interests to themselves?

      A. Yes, this is true, but just like due process above, it can be contracted away. Just as the agency law has recently become somewhat slippery and nebulous, so too has the contract law of offer and acceptance become slippery. A person can ratify a fraud by retaining the benefit thereof. Do they still have your car? Also, especially if you are dealing with a so called �governmental entity�, just ask yourself this question: If this were true, how did the party that injured you act as your agent to contract away your due process rights? No, you must be in a cooperative relationship with them!

      Q. How do I launder payment?

      A. There is a special form of contract, called a Negotiable Instrument, that when sold to an innocent third party, becomes enforceable with almost no defense against it (e.g. the party to whom you transfer it to actually acquires more rights in the instrument than you had to transfer!). All you have to do is make a showing that the instrument is valid on it�s face and it must be accepted as money! You, however must warrantee that the instrument is good. If the not-so-innocent party who wronged you doesn�t like the fact that he got judgment taken against him by the innocent third party (or he had to �eat� his own check that you signed in his behalf) he must sue you! There are a whole barrage of defenses to this, most of which can result in you taking a whole bunch more negotiable instruments against him.

      Q. This sounds a lot like what the Freemen of Montana where doing.

      A. The Freemen were doing something called �commercial liens�. This is a whole different process. Nothing you will do in this process will be any more threatening than signing a promissory note. Few people have just sat down and really read a modern business law textbook. This is what I have done, and combined it with a few things I know about history, have developed this system. Also, the Freemen were essentially trying to bring down the whole system in one fell swoop by perfecting multi-trillion dollar liens against the Federal Reserve Bank. All I am advocating you do with this is get yourself and your loved ones out of trouble then pass the information on to those who have eyes to see, ears to hear, and are not afraid to act on the information. There is a book out there called �Debt Virus� that describes the conspiracy of the Federal Reserve/commercial law system and how it will ultimately wipe us out. I am convinced the process I outline here is a �credit virus� that will bring peace, prosperity, and liberty back to us again. Once you understand the mechanism of negotiable instruments and what I propose we do about it I�m sure you will agree.

      Q. Is learning this going to cost me a lot of money?

      A. All you need is a good business law textbook, a good law dictionary, and a new copy of the U.C.C. (the Uniform Commercial Code). The law book and dictionary can be found in a thrift or used book store for a minimal expenditure, and the U.C.C. is not expensive either (about $30). The rest I will provide you for free right here. I do not need to charge for this because I can create as much of my own money anytime I like and if my money is not accepted I can just convert it into other peoples money.

      Q. Okay, so I have this �check�. How do I convince the buyer to take it?

      A. I am only just developing these techniques, but I can think of a few right off the bat: Sell it to someone who is a big debtor to the party that injured you, sell it to someone who pays a lot of taxes and recommend that they use it to pay them (because the government will eventually collect from almost anyone, when they go to transfer titles on homes/cars, etc...), sell it to a bright new lawyer or paralegal in exchange for a promissory note, accumulate a whole bunch and sell them to a foreign country, write a whole bunch of promissory notes against it and sell/give them to other people they have injured (e.g. recipients of traffic tickets standing in line at the court house) then redeem the said notes by taking it off the account, etc...

      Q. What is the legal theory behind this process?

      A. Well, the best way I can describe it is that you are pitting the adversary's social engineering agenda and agency relationship over you (to deny you due process) against the stability of the whole phony money system. They cannot have both. Either they have to return to constitutional due process (including grand jury indictments, Citizen originated complaints, common law actions for damages, constitutional conventions for additional enumerated powers, fully informed juries, etc...) and retain their phony money system (and not for long in that kind of environment) or they have to give up the phony money system (which means that their social engineering agenda will go down the drain due to lack of funding). There are visionaries on their camp that see the futility of their plight but like the drug addict (for power) they cannot conceive of any plan that does not center around the drug, which is probably just about the only element that stops most plans from working. Margaret Thatcher, for one, has been known to speak up in their New World Order agenda meetings and exclaim that the �global plantation� will not work and that they should abandon that concept. The powers that be want to thrust us back into the dark ages, and they are combating natural law and human nature to think this can come to pass in the long term. The only question left to be answered is how many people, economic, and natural resources must be destroyed in the process for them to discover this. I say that this process is perhaps the best to emerge to date to minimize this injury.

      Q. Won�t they just change the law more move on to some other mechanism to effect their goals when they discover what you are doing?

      A. Well that is certainly possible, but once you begin to study this process, you will discover that they have put tremendous energy (and shiploads full of our money) into developing this weapon (negotiable instruments law). This is the backbone of commerce. It is the life blood, the central nervous system of our industrial society. This is like the Titanic moving full steam ahead. It is going to take a lot of effort to and a long time to change course or stop it.

      Q. Your creation of this system is ripe for abuse. How will you stop this knowledge from falling into the hands of evil people?

      A. It is already in the hands of some of the most evil people on earth! As an equalizing factor it is necessary that it fall into the hands of at least a few good ones. I am a firm advocate of the motto: �God made man; Smith and Wesson made �um equal�.

      Q. How much knowledge do I need to have for this?

      A. Well, not much. Perhaps the most difficult task is for you to figure out how to convert what they have done to you into a product or service that you have sold to them. For instance, in one case I billed a police officer who gave me a ticket for �hazardous waste disposal�. I figure that carbon copy must have some trace of petroleum products in it which �are known by the State of California to cause cancer�. No rational person would deny that the ticket, if not hazardous to your health, is certainly hazardous to your wealth! Now, there is a chance that you will be sued by the represented person (the person who injured you who you assumed agency over), but that suit will be largely frivolous and because they are trying to drag you into a �court martial� (evidenced by the fringe, braid, eagle, or spear tip on the flag), by executive rather than �judicial power� officers (evidenced by the lack of proper oath/bond and the nature of the organization they work for), and so on..., there are plenty of more opportunities for billing! If you can generate the bills as fast as they can accept your products/services, then you should be in pretty good shape because you can cut off their lines of supply (e.g. rally their debtors to your side and start jamming their own dishonor down their throats instead of letting them collect spendable Federal Reserve Note instruments).

      In another instance I was utilizing a $10 �one trip permit� on my car in lieu of registration. The only requirement on the code was that I put the VIN number on the permit and stick it in my back window. Sure there were a lot of other blanks on the form that I could fill out, but there was not any REQUIREMENT that I do so. It basically being against my religion that I volunteer for anything, especially where government is concerned, I opted out. Well, the cop reached into the back window of my car and broke my rear speaker to steal the permit and left a �expired registration� ticket on the windshield. I billed him for using my private auto as a public bulletin board, recreational services of auto demolition, and for artwork (an antique �one trip permit�)! Doesn�t that moving permit contain �terms of art� (i.e. �vehicle�, �permit�, �use�, etc... see the definition �terms of art� in a good law dictionary) and didn�t he take it because it was �too old� (the permit had a couple of boxes for you to check that said it was for either �one trip only� or �one continuous trip�)? We agree, don�t we? So where�s the controversy (a necessary prerequisite for anything to be heard in a court of �law�)?

      Anyway, hopefully you get the picture on how to start thinking about the problem.

      Basically, if you have a clue about what legal protections you should be afforded and you�re not getting them then you can probably figure out a way to bill for them as a service you are providing them. If you get dragged into court on a criminal charge (which would be pretty ridiculous considering what you will be doing bears no resemblance to any criminal activity), some basic knowledge of pleading and evidence might be handy, which I will discuss further later. Suffice it to say, that if your oppressors find themselves in a bit of a dilemma about how to prosecute you before you bankrupt them, well, I fail to see how that is your problem. Perhaps they should have thought through their plans for world domination a little further at the start!

      Q. Can the party who I do this to sue me for doing it?

      A. Yes, they can. But, almost everything these courts do is illegal so you just start up another huge round of invoices against the opposite party, the judge, the process server, the court clerk, etc... until they start following the common law and the constitutions. You see, in our original republic, treason was advocating the change in our form of government. Just about everything these officials are doing is advocating a different form of government (e.g. communism, Roman styled civil law rather than common law, administrative law, etc...). Sure, they are welcome to do it, but it is going to cost them dearly. You are going to be creating these instruments and negotiating them to their debtors and/or nasty pro per litigants faster than they can proceed against you. You will cut off their lines of supply and bankrupt them. If they start getting into the situation that they are �unable (or unwilling) to pay their bills (e.g. your instruments)� you can put them into �involuntary bankruptcy�. Finally, we can wage the �war of attrition� in return. It used to be all we could do is pretty much defend ourselves until our resources were exhausted, then capitulate. Now the shoe is on the other foot!



      "I hope that I will soon forget the Audi Quattro.
      Until I do, I shall continue to worship that bitch
      goddess Success at the expense of friends, family,
      honesty and decency - anything to be in a position to
      have one. The Quattro is evil, an insidious witch in
      the guise of state-of-the-art engineering, a circe who
      commands your obedience every waking moment and a
      succubus who haunts every dream. She's the seductress
      who recreates That First Time all over again, who
      snips all your tethers to innocence and changes your
      life forever." - Four Wheeler Magazine, August 1982

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