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4742Alan David is starting a new program series

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  • mcaljics
    Jun 29, 2013
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      Do you understand the deep roots that  laws come from? Understanding the secret laws, really helps you are trying to defeat the coming NWO. Alan David is starting a new program series that will help us understand how these things all came about and the hidden history that brought us where we are now. I will be listening for sure!

      The Hx of Secret Law and the Occult; the meaning of their symbology; the cult of numbers; introduction to their symbolical associations in Hx; This series of programs will cover such subjects as: The hidden elite and; 1) Their use of symbols and seals; their occult meaning and purpose; 2) Why they don't teach law in public school; The plan of the New Atlantis & the missing part 2; Rules of todays' world Government; 3) The symbols of the Fasci; Binding the Magic Septors; Modern Fascism & Black Magic; 4) The discovery of the ancient cult of 5; how the number 5 is used by the elite in everything to do with power and control; 5) and more to come

      June 29, 2013 @ 4pm PDT or 7 pm EDT


      Hosted by: AlanDavid 
      Phone Number: 1-(724) 444-7444 when the voice tells you to put in your pin number press 1# if you haven't got one
      Call ID: 128925

      you can tune in 15 minutes prior to start time