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  • Kevin H
    Mar 31, 2012
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      Greetings everyone.

      When I set this group up on 9/11/2000 (yes, a year to the day BEFORE 9/11) it was my intention to share what I had discovered with the world. Although a very few of you did recognize the importance of it, many many more used this forum to either viciously attack/criticize me for this gift of sharing, or to espouse your own, mostly contrary, paradigms/processes.

      At first I thought an open forum where anyone could post would be a good idea. Mostly what was posted was either SPAM (whether law/patriot related or not), posts where people were trying to integrate/merge NiRev into Commercial Redemption (which it is NOT), or ridicule me personally re: what successes I had had using NiRev.

      I first discovered NiRev during the summer of 2000. As soon as I realized I had something important, I came and shared it with y'all. I didn't have much in the way of success at the time. In December 2000 someone close to me had her father die and a step parent forge a deed on his house and then steal that and all his assets (including a sizable bank account). Since the culprit in this instance was an elder, and it took time to fully develop the evidence of this theft/forgery, we elected to not use NiRev against them.

      The court battle over the estate, which was occurring 600 miles from home (and we were already pretty much broke before it started) continued on for over two years. After all that, due to unimaginably gross corruption on the part of court personnel, and numerous blatant perjuries of the step parent and her entourage, we felt we had achieved at least one void judgment and we quit but the result was a some $45,000 lien in favor of the bad guys for their "expenses" (which included, for example, apartment rental in a different city while the perfectly good house being fought over sat vacant).

      I have come to believe, after all these over 20 years studying law and watching "patriots" get hammered, that there are fundamentally two schools of thought in this "industry:"

      1. the "Battered Wife" syndrome (BWS) school, wherein we speculate what theory the bad guys are using against us and then build a counter to it. This is of course assuming that there is rhyme or reason to the abuser's motivations which IMHO is projecting sanity onto a lunatic, because no sane person abuses, so the whole premise is oxymoronic right there, and it is my contention that if there have been "wins" which appear to validate some hidden mechanism, they were granted to merely perpetuate this mythos. However, I see that after so many years, the bad guys have apparently developed theory after theory (with us developing counter after counter) and yet the abuse continues. Eventually one must simply come to the conclusion that the abuse MUST FLIPPIN STOP and we care not why anymore! I have to this to ask about the BWS paradigm just like I would ask of the modern Christian churches: If this methodology were actually so great, why has it utterly failed to arrest (or really even slow) the inexorable march of this evil that confronts us? In fact, sometimes I feel that, even though brilliant in many ways, this mindset may have actually been planted in our community BY THOSE EVIL ONES simply BECAUSE they knew it was eventually a LOSING STRATEGY! The BWS methodology is represented by commercial redemption, (the much older) recissionist, and probably 90% of the rest of this movement's "remedies."
      2. What I like to call the "meet'um at the door w/a loaded 44" school. We recognize that these people are abusers and rather than accepting (or speculating on) their explanation for the beating (such as we didn't have their dinner hot and waiting when they got home, the kids were not perfectly quiet, the house wasn't clean enough, a cold beer wasn't waiting by the lazy boy and the TV tuned to football, etc...) we instead do like Mel on Alice and invoke the principle that "the best defense is a good offense!" I feel that among the loaded 44 advocates are George Gordon, Right Way Law (before they embraced commercial redemption), Jurisdictionary, Karl G. Granse (somewhat), Michael H. Brown, Rod Class, the committees of vigilance (the best examples were in San Francisco in the 1850's), the founding fathers, myself, and a VERY FEW others. Now I'm not talking here those many more who personally go on the attack, just those who do it and are advocating/training others to do the same. Out in the trenches, I'm sure there are many thousands of us who do everything from making the govt prove every jot and tittle of a their burden of proof/pleading of a traffic ticket, to actually picking up a gun and shooting a corrupt cop who is trying to frame them for something (even if it means they personally get killed or imprisoned/executed).

      I am a firm believer in the principal espoused by Karl Von Clausewitz (who defeated Napolean at Waterloo)
      that all politics is ultimately a war over the mind of the military man. I've heard that during Viet Nam, fully ½ of all the officer casualties were due to "friendly fire." The goal of the power elite is to cut the jar head out of the loop, not let him understand/think (such as facebook and twitter being filtered for our military recently), replace him with drones, etc... Very soon, another principal of Von Clausewitz will become a reality: "It is even better to act quickly and err than to hesitate until the time of action is past." He also said "Never forget that no military leader has ever become great without audacity." In other words, no guts, no glory and to the bold go the victories.

      I have found personally that there are really only a few things that really frighten the enemy:

      1. Sunlight. I co-ran a public access TV show in my community. We used it to convene 165 people at our local court due to jailors murdering inmates and when no judge would hear the family's criminal complaint, we formed an ad hoc grand jury and presented against the sheriff and the booking officer responsible. Nothing further came of it but the sheriff was so embarrassed by the whole thing he didn't re-up for election in the middle of his career.
      2. Simplicity. They know that if your pleadings/issues are too bizarre, too complex, then no one but another lawyer will bother to read/understand them and almost all the lawyers are on their side. Someone once told me, if you cannot write your endeavor's mission statement on the back of a business card, you are on the wrong track. One time I tried to explain to a friend's wife the commercial redemption process and later he related to me she thought I was crazy and ordered him to never have any formal dealings with me! We should always remember who our audience is, the jar heads! Everything I do in NiRev is ONE PAGE. The invoice, the proposed note, the affidavits, etc... When I sue on the resultant note, I simply use the judicial counsel breach of contract pleading forms and check the boxes (not saying that suing is the only possible way of enforcing these!). As enforcer I don't do ANY strange patriot stuff about the all caps name, the two letter state abbreviation, ZIP code, etc... The goal here was to make it so that even an attorney could enforce these things (and they can, I'm convinced).
      3. Boldness. I have discovered over the years that the art of being a patriot is largely about converting issues of law (which are determined by a judge) into issues of fact (determined by a jury). By being bold, many times one can do just that. For instance, say that a tow yard is wrongfully withholding your car. One might paper the yard to get it established that they have no right to it, and still if they do nothing, then go steal one of THEIR cars! After all, it is THEY who are writing the rules of the game, aren't they? Boldness and mirroring can work very effectively to get that jury between us and them where all their crimes will become exposed. These remedies are not for the feint of heart, but neither are concentration camps, huh?
      4. Teamwork. NiRev will NOT work without teamwork. The enemy are collectivists, so naturally they have crafted a collectivist remedy. They have scads of secret societies and a surveillance/coercive state in place to enforce obedience between their teammates. I basically see the human population distributed in a bell curve. On one end are the moral materialists ("MMs"), perhaps comprising 1% to 5% of the populace. These are people who see that it is ultimately us who are going to have to be responsible for (and suffer the consequences of) what happens here on this planet. God may or may not have created all this, but shortly thereafter he/she did it, they made themselves scarce and no one can say the day when they will decide to get actively re-involved (if at all). These MMs (of which I consider myself one) understand that if there were any principles to cleave onto in this life, they could be summed up in the great reform of the law attributed to Jesus of loving God with all your heart mind and soul, and treating your enemies as you want to yourself be treated. My read on this is that we should have a due respect and stewardship for all the creations in this universe and understand that all we really have here is each other. But for the grace of God go any of us. Those who are evil are just as much products of their environment as we are. On the other end of the curve are what I call the "immoral materialists" (IMs). They are just like the MMs in that they feel that we are ultimately responsible for what happens here, but they have one single digital bit flipped in that they objectify people. They also probably make up only 1% to 5% of the population but they see the huge mass of "spiritualist" in the middle of the curve (probably over 90%) as tools/weapons to wage war against the other end of the curve, the MMs (e.g. yours truly). The IMs will use every trick in the book to get the spiritualists to attack us, such as, for example, peer pressure, propaganda, coercion, greed, panic, etc.... while on the other hand us MMs can only really use truth, logic, humor, and compassion. The big problem these days is that most of the MMs don't even REALIZE they are being waged war against! That is why, for example, you have a religious classification of "ignostic" but not one for "anti-gnostic." You have those who say that one cannot even define who/what God much less talk about his/its attributes/desires, but you do not really have the radical, militant, fundamentalist, evangelical form of that which says that virtually every evil in this world is due to some con artist cult leader espousing he knows what God wants through some kind of "divine revelation" and then uses same as a mechanism of exploitation, plunder and oppression against not only his "flock" but even outsiders who may believe the exact opposite! This is how I feel for example about the "safety NAZIsm" of the current state. Who are HELL are THEY to make the quality/quantity choice for ME!?!? What I really see, when I look hard, is any excuse will do so long as it ends up with me forking out money to them!
      5. Closely related to teamwork is: organization. We see occupy wall street out there cluttering the streets, sniveling like babies, without even a clear message. Violating another of Von Clauswitz' principles: Pursue one great decisive aim with force and determination. They are getting pepper sprayed, beaten with nightsticks, shot with rubber (or lead) bullets, rounded up like cattle, etc... We know what their next punishments will be: napalm, nerve gas, and/or FEMA camps. Now, however, IF they were to form organized bodies under parliamentary law, where even the smallest of them could have a voice rather than only the most boisterous intimidating and vocal of them (usually the agent provocateurs), then it is my contention that they would naturally form into vigilance committees and confront government officials en masse re: for example, their lack of Foreign Agent Registration Act compliance ala the current Rod Class' evidence/pleadings, and since there is no one inside government who does NOT have the status of foreign agent, gee, I guess there is no one left to try/punish them other than the vigilance committee themselves, would there? We need to get our camel's nose under the tent people! Just like the enemy did with us implementing, originally, the federal taxes/regulations on alcohol, tobacco, and firearms, retaining the standing army during peacetime right after the war of 1812, the income tax (only on the wealthiest 1% remember?), insisting we register our kids, our rights to work, rights to travel, etc...

      Although many patriots consider themselves to be "Christian," and certainly have a spiritualist bent, I think at some level most of you have embraced a "praise the Lord, but pass the ammunition" stance. How you arrive at materialist action is your own business, but I'm thankful you are here along side me in the MM trenches. Unlike the powers that be, I do not attempt to police your thoughts, only your actions.

      Being MMs (at least in action) though, we have to recognize the character and nature of the tools we have available to us, and some of them are, at first glance, apparently weaker than the tools of the IMs, so we must carefully study our tools and maximize their effectiveness. In fact, we may have to, at some point, embrace the distasteful and restrained use of some of the IM's tools (such as false flag). The difference between us and them using these is that we only use them as a last resort, and then flee from their use at the earliest opportunity. The only real difference between a patriot and a tyrant sometimes is that a tyrant is a sadist who loves the pain of others and war and the patriot despises those things. To both, losing is unthinkable, and one must do WHATEVER IT TAKES to win. Winning to the tyrant looks like self aggrandizement and to the patriot it looks like the advancement of society as a whole. The extraordinary powers he must exercise are identical for the most part.

      We must throughly understand "the prisoner's dilemma" to keep our organizations intact. Since we are not likely to use the coercive mechanisms to enforce unity, we need to maximize the use of screening, background investigations, ongoing verification, etc...

      We can no longer leave our fate to chance. There are many tools known to past and present generations for building unity and effectiveness. Its time to abandon the old, dysfunctional paradigms, get the personalities out of this movement, and go with what is really going to be effective. I recall the movie Braveheart, where Longshanks hung the negotiators. Also I recall the words of Martin Luther King Jr. who said that "injustice anywhere is a threat to justice everywhere." Its time to REALLY clean the human house for once and for all.

      When King George's men fired the shot heard around the world, and we supposedly drove the Brits off this shore, I think our big mistake was to not then start building battle ships and taking the battle to his doorstep. Psychopaths like Longshanks need to be utterly eradicated (at least as far as their power is concerned) from the face of the planet. There are two kinds of psychopaths, genetic and environmental. Yes Virignia, contrary to the Christian (revealed) dogma, there are utterly a very small percentage people who are utterly irredeemable and who are just born w/o a conscience. The rest were created by unfortunate circumstances of nature or by abuse by the former. I say it is time the human race overcome this problem. This is the 21 century. Its time for the dark ages to finally come to an end. I have many of the tools. I'd like to share them. Nature basically builds 4 kinds of people which can be discovered by the test at:


      Each has their place, however the naysayer/tortise needs to be carefully controlled during the creative process. Also, I'm convinced there are those who's own needs/agendas/egos will actively or by implication get in the way of this creative process. I make another group just for them in the near future. For that reason, I am changing the group to moderated. There is a companion group, nirevolution-catalog for discussing everything about the crop. From now on, this group is purely about the harvester. I also will be, as time permits, going through the message archive and deleting most of this cruft or in the alternative, reposting more interesting stuff to that group.

      Thank you for your understanding, and sorry I didn't do this long ago to those who really wanted to study and not just rake muck.

      -Kevin Haddock, moderator/founder NiRevolution Yahoo group
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